You Don’t Need Perfect English To Start An Online Business

A lot of people tell me that they Approached me and they say English is Not my first language how can I write in English well I wrote a lot and I read a Lot and watched a lot of movies in English through practice I improved but You're now stepping into a scene where The AI is so powerful that you really Don't need to know all that much you can Get in with quote-unquote broken English Or Borat English as my mentor used to Call me and you can basically just know How to use the software correctly but Again this is where we're going so I Assume in the next six 12 months this is Exactly where we're going to be

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A Man Working On His List

The Money Is In The List...

Having a large, active email list of customers and prospects can mean big profits for your business.

But the question is are you using the best tools to connect with your list and send effective emails?

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