Why Being Busy Keeps You Broke #shorts

They'll work on your two buildings is That valuable to you yeah to be list not To-do list not just doing doing you're Good at you get good at doing you get More doing when you get good at the 2B The doing is automatic in fact they're Doing is effortless just like a runner Runs it's effortless someone who doesn't See themselves a runner they run around They're dying we spend way too much Effort on the doing right and not enough Effort on the being just think about Your schedule how much time you've Allocated on the being part very little Doing all day think about when you get Up in the morning right you get in the Morning the first thing let's say you Know you brush your teeth you do your Thing right do your makeup you check Your email right you know what my in my Definition email your email box if That's the first thing you check in the Morning email is nothing more than other People's agenda why would you stop that They did it that way I want to stop the Day with 2B list before I go to bed I Like to read that's my 2B list so think About the time that you have

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