What The Ultra Rich Invest In That Poor And Middle Class Do Not

Unsuccessful people do the wrong thing Successful people do the right thing Wealthy people own the right thing until You have ownership you have Equity right You have assets you are not wealthy so Don't be thinking about oh I've got a Business doing x amount of millions of Dollars and for most of us you're still Working in it or maybe on a little bit Right unless you sell the business That's a big exit or you're taking the Profits that you make and what do you do What do you do That's when you build that asset column That's when you start owning things Right wealthy people they own they own Real estate they own shares look at one Buffett he almost shares right look at Jeff he's like he owns shares right Unless you own something you're not Wealthy I don't care if oh I'm a Business doing whatever eight million Seven million doesn't matter because Your business could be doing 10 million Dollars a year right and then it's after All said and done expenses taxes and all That you're pocketing X it's very easy To find a trap High income under Invested and then you worked your Business for three four five ten fifteen Years how many sacrifice for your Business right and then something Happens we've all seen it could be Something like covet

It wipes you out because throughout this Period of time you didn't take money out To put into this Some sort of investment and it's very Very sad because think about it all of Us for some you're very young but for All of us that 10 15 20s you're building Your business as you get older you Cannot go as hard how many agree with That right you cannot work the same Pace As you were in your 30s when your 50s Man forget it in my 20s I can work on a Computer 24 hours not problem now I've Seen from the computer three years like My back is like I need a I need I need To take a walk yeah I'm like I didn't Stretch a little bit I I didn't I don't Feel good I can't do that like my eyes Like oh man yeah I need my sleep right In my 20s I can do three nights All-nighters not a problem now one night I don't get a good enough sleep It's not you know how many know what I'm Talking about I cannot be the only one Right so what does that mean we need to Be wiser what is it More intelligent with our money no I'm Building my business but damn I'm taking Money out because the purpose of Business to serve you I want to take Money out I'm taking money out I'm Taking money out and you can put money Like Sharon went to real estate into Whatever right whatever that you choose

By the way I'm not talking about putting In money on some Bitcoin Right putting some solid Investments Right not to speculate so your first Goal wherever you are is to make a Million in Revenue that's the first goal Right to get in the game that's your Goal So for somebody doing a few hundred Thousand dollars that's the first goal Once you hit that your next goal is how Do you turn my top line into bottom line That's my Top Line how can I make it a Bottom line how can I profit a million That's the stage because you don't want To get to oh yeah I'm making three Million years of what what's your bottom Line oh it's it's 200 000 that's you Right that's not good that's not good Profit Then you want to invest Once you hit I'm I'm profiting a million Okay let's invest a million invest in Capital the way I see it until you Invest that's not yours so for some You're making good money if you look at Your financial what do you have in Assets your asset column looks like a Poor person your business is doing well But you got nothing you own nothing once You've done that you go back well let's Double that turn my top line to the bond My profit 2 million once I've done that Can I invest your milk

Oh I've done that oh can you do four Four four Eight eight eight That's the game you play for the rest of Your life Right that's the game you play And I love what Sharon said about Business excuse To scale yourself If that's what it is because you can't Be doing that if you don't uplevel who You are you don't shift your identity And become a better who right you need To be a different CEO different business Owner different entrepreneur to run an Egg figure business Can't do it the same way with the same Skills with the same leadership same Mess same this organization it doesn't Work there's no way so it forces you to Be better yes So That's why I'm excited for the next Speaker I want to I want to just give You a little bit of history when I when I met Ivan and how we met it's so Important so as you know as I am making More money right profiting more money I want to invest IPhone doesn't know this but in my late 20s I invested Angel invested in a bunch Of businesses 10 of them writing a Little small size checks right or 10 Loss money

All right as an angel investor and I Don't feel like an angel I feel like a Devil man because everything is dead Yeah I know where the term came from you Know it's like the kiss of death You know I invest in the business you're Dead you know anyway the business you're Dead and I'm the devil investor take my Money your visit will be dead you know And I thought oh I mean I'm not Good with this investing Angels things Because it can be all 10 are bad now Here's a question are those bad Investments or because I'm a bad Investor I'm a bed investor right there's no bad Car it's bad driver right so I I was a Bad investor But I've always Had Since early on in interest in Tech right I haven't seen the last whatever six Seven years I thought as I make more Money I want to where am I put my money When the real estate put in different Things I don't have my money in the Stock market zero I don't have zero Learning money in in uh in crypto Anything like that because people ask About it I'm zero right so what I'm Gonna put my money And from what I saw The money is intact why because write This down software is the world

Everything that we do everything you use Everything that we use to run our Businesses everything our day-to-day Lives you cannot go through a day Without touching some sort of software True Without something something and do you Think let's say five years from now 10 Years from now do you think we'll use Less software more software Do you think we will be less relying on Software or more relying on software Okay so then that tells me I'm a Consumer of software I'm a user of Software someone is offering that and Someone is getting super rich on the Other side so I asked myself if I want To invest I want to be in that I want to be on the receiving how can I Ride that wave because I know this is Happening Healthcare Financial Insurance Transportation communication you name it Across all construction all sectors Every single sector that's out there I Want to I want to be in it it's like I Go to Vegas I got some chips a little Chips I've accumulated I want to play can I play right Oh you can't play it What do you mean I can't play uh I'm Here I got some chips pretty good chips Are gonna play no we don't we don't let People play them

What do you mean they don't let people Play no we don't let people play it's Like the you know when you go to Vegas VIP room kind of thing right like no we Don't we don't let people play why don't You let me play oh you're not one of us I got some money doesn't matter you're Not one of us You didn't go to the proper school right You didn't go to Harvard or I believe or Stanford like right I went to the Freaking Douglas College here so you Know school is not nothing famous and And I'm not from Tech So what you're telling me is you got to Understand like the way I'm thinking Right so I cannot invest because I am not part of the group I'm part of The club that's correct I cannot invest Because I'm not part of the club and I'm Not part of the club because you don't Allow me to invest do you understand the Logic of it Right so I cannot invest because you Don't let me in but how can I invest you Don't let me in It doesn't make any sense Well that's how it works and I was Pissed so as I do a little bit more due Diligence and research I found out and What you learned from my event all these Tech companies that you see the stuff That we use right a lot of software it's Owned by a tiny group of people

It's much smaller than you think They make all the money they are the one Who invest in the same all these same Companies that we all use I'm like no Wonder they're so wealthy and it's not Like hey I want to buy some shares of Microsoft no no I'm not talking about That and it's not open to public it's Like a pro Ultra Ultra private club I'm Like how do I do this and Through different people different Introductions I met Ivan and when I met Ivan he was so generous and I was very Humble I said hey Ivan can you can you Kind of just teach me how this world of Venture capital works right and and I've Just been like in the past like in University for many many years he has Many people calling him up asking for Advice but not many people I think he Could share can you actually teach me How this works kind of a to z and he was Kind of coaching me for for a number of Almost secretary six months and we share And we I share with him my vision and What we do and then later on we just Clicked And say Hey you know maybe maybe we Could do something maybe we could also Kind of disrupt The Venture Capital World a bit Because I'm thinking what if I can take If it's like hey it's a closed door Community a private club

And what if we can open up a little door Right what if we can open it up to the World and to my clients to my mentees Like what would that look like and we Just to start brainstorming and I Thought oh this is something special Right and that's how Dragon x capital is Born right Um and and you see for some who have had The privilege to kind of last night to To listen to Ivan he's a walking Encyclopedia on venture capital Like no joke And you you and you will see why and one Thing I respect and mahim so much as a Partner right and I oh I still call him A mentor he said no just Partners like I Say his mentor is first of all you have To understand Dragon the ones who are Doing it they are not teaching it It makes no sense for them to teach it Because it creates competition And even they teach it you can't do it Anyway it's a closed door Club it makes So it makes no sense the ones who are Good at it most often they do it and They don't know how to teach it either You can't explain it to you anyway What's the difference between this and This and this and that uh and and Ivan He can do it he has Almost four Decades of experience plus He can teach it he's a phenomenal Teacher so please stand up give a big

Warm welcome

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