What Stops Business Owners From Building A Personal Brand

Do you know what is stopping most people From personal building a personal brand Take a guess chai fear of rejection Clothes are like that getting close fear Of rejection but deeper than that this Is critical because I can give you all The how to's in the world and you don't Address this none of this is going to Work all right this is the best time to Post this is how you post this is how You create engaging content none of that Matters you if you don't do it and the Reason you don't do it because for most People they want to be liked They want to be liked instead of being Effective So the minute you get one hater This minute you get two haters you get Three haters and by the way the haters They say the nastiest thing about you Right you need to get yourself some Haters write it down if you don't have Haters right now you're not marketing Aggressively enough because you know What I learned when I'm building my Personal brand More haters I get the more successful I Am so understand most people they stop Because of that

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