What Builds Your Personal Brand #shorts

One of the biggest mistakes that I made In my career is I didn't brand myself Earlier it cost me so much money because I thought I branded myself going back to The early days in my early 20s I was Branding myself as a copywriter because That's what I did and then later on Transitioned into more because I was Doing copywriting for clients that Transition because some of those clients They needed marketing services so I Transitioned them to they are also Consulting as well as copywriting then I Branded myself as just a consultant and A leader that went online because of my Copywriting background I branded myself As a conversion expert which I was That's what I was doing when people see My brand today they see that all like Deadlock came out of nowhere I didn't Come out nowhere I've been doing this For a long long time you could say People say it's overnight success it's Not overnight success it's a 10 year Overnight success people people don't Talk about that so when it comes to Building a personal brand it's the same Thing you work hard you put like a time And all of that stuff people only see The glory They don't see the sweat Blood and Tears

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