What 3 Words Define YOU?

So what is a personal brand your Reputation so if right now I was to go Talk to people who have done business With you your customer your vendor even Your team member your employee if I was To go to them and I would ask them to Describe you With the words what their three words Match your three words how close would It be how you see yourself and how other People see you if there's a gap what it Means is there's a gap between who you Believe you are and who you how you want People to perceive you that Gap is a Problem when it comes to personal brand Because you want to be seen a certain Way you'll be known as have certain Characteristics and certain attributes And then people see you something Totally different what creates a Personal brand is congruency Authenticity is not a logo it's Nothing to do with your name it's not a Logo it's not you know graphics and all That no it's reputation what you're Known for

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