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[Music] Foreign Is the king of high ticket sales and he Is a masterful entrepreneur that's what I love about Dan no BS Dan is an Exceptional leader teacher business Mentor and friend Dan's a force in Nature 12 million dollars in my pocket is what I believe I would have above and beyond What I made in the last 10 years alone Had I found Dan luck sooner I was attending a virtual conference by A pretty well-known expert right that I Had high expectations and I almost felt Bad after conference because during the Conference most of the attendees they Were not engaged and I was thinking to Myself oh my goodness how much money This particular expert this particular Coach is leaving on the table by not Knowing how to create engagement through Virtual conferences we have generated Tens of millions of dollars with virtual Conferences and then some of the things That we have learned so today I want to Teach you the five ways to increase Audience participation attendee Participation why is that important Though why do you need them to be Engaged write this down engagement Equals sales the more engage your Audience is the more engaged your Participant is the more likely they're

Gonna buy and I am shocked by how many Coaches and consultants and experts Don't do this at all as if they don't Know and chances are they don't know They just present and they just talk and They wonder why they got no engagement Throughout the event we do a three-day Virtual event called the smart challenge It is three day seven hours a day just Me and the audience seven hours per day And we have people experts from all over The world different time zones all the Time zones you could imagine from Asia From India from Europe from North America from all over the world and we Have 95 percent of people stay till the Very end of the conference each day why Because I know how to create engagement And engagement equals sales number one You must have high energy If you have low energy if you are a Seven your audience is going to be a Three You need to be a 10 because teaching Presenting selling is a transfer of Emotions can you imagine someone tuning Into your virtual conference you are Presenting and you're teaching and You're like well welcome to my Conference Very excited that you are here and we Are going to spend three days together They are falling asleep You got to ramp it up you got to have

More energy and one of the things that I Do to keep my energy up just like what I'm doing now I don't sit down during The virtual conference that's seven Hours doing a smart challenge I am Standing up with no more than 10 minute Break for the whole day for three days Straight the audience could see that wow You are over delivering they could see They can feel your energy that's what You need to do don't be sitting down and Presenting you are falling asleep and They are falling asleep that's number One number two demand engagement Throughout the entire virtual conference I don't care if it's a 90 minute thing It's a three hour conference it's a Three-day virtual conference it doesn't Matter demand engagement throughout the Entire virtual event you have to keep Asking for it keep asking for it and Keep asking for it and that's how you Keep the tension and hold attention if They're not paying attention they're Tuning out they're not going to get the Results and they're not going to get the Most out of your virtual conference Number three here's something that I do I reward engagement so I would ask my Attendee to turn on their cameras so Sometimes we do role play let's say I'm Teaching sales I would do role play Sometimes I would answer their questions If their cameras are not turned on I

Would tell them that I would not pick Them I would only pick the ones if they Want to ask a question we want to unmute Their cameras must be on because I know If their cameras are not on they're Doing a bunch of other things they're They're distracted they're not paying Attention they're not taking notes so I Would feature and pick the ones and give The most attention to the ones who have Their cameras on who are the most Engaged so I actually reward engagement Number four salting think about you are Making a stick what is salting it adds Flavor to the stick so you want to do Sorting throughout your entire virtual Event your virtual conference here's What it sounds like you're basically Selling them and create excitement for What is coming up So you could be teaching something and You would say Hey you know in the Afternoon I'm going to teach you a b c And d in about 30 minutes I'm gonna give You a strategy that will help you to do Blank right Day two when you come back I'm going to Teach you how to do blank right in the Afternoon in about two hours I'm gonna Give you a template that could help you Solve this problem So you are selling them throughout the Entire virtual conference why they Should pay attention

Sometimes I would say hey we're going to Take a short break the minute we come Back I'm going to teach you one of the Most important things during the entire Conference Then people will come back on time and I Will teach them the most important thing That I could teach So it is about creating the excitement Right creating the energy getting them Involved and number five get people Physically moving and doing something Get them to put up their hand get them To write something down get them to type In the chat get them to move around That's what I do Because sitting there for five six seven Hours just like taking notes I'm looking At my computer I mean this is hard this Is boring but get people moving Physically moving the more movement you Create the more engagement you create so Those are five ways you could increase Attendee participation if you want to See how this works you want to see how I Actually do it live go to and register See how we do it how we actually run a Virtual conference until then go high Ticket

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