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First thing you need to know for systems Is you need to obsess With lifetime nurture it's not that Someone comes in and I'm going to hammer Them for 30 days and then I'm going to Send them affiliate offers after they Come into my list I'm going to nurture Them for Life what is your lifetime Nurture idea and I'll show you exactly How to do this the second thing is you Need right here is you need some kind of Appointment engine if someone opts into My world How do I constantly put ideas for them To take a book a call to take an opt-in To do things where they actually will Book an appointment and the third thing On the system you need some kind of Referral Machine by the way nobody is Waking up in the morning and thinking About sending you referrals Please know that I am dead serious we Need to wake up in the morning and we Need to create a system that allows People to think about us so if we don't Have referral systems in place this Stuff will not work your referrals are Going to be very ad hoc you want Referrals to be a key part of what you Do so for example if you have an Eight-week program in week three like You're like hey you don't get week four Five six unlocked unless you give us a Referral now that would be harsh but but

You want to do some version of that so You what you would say is hey why don't You give somebody that you know a free Access to our course so now they can go Gift it to somebody they can gift your Opt-in to somebody they can gift a Course to somebody or a mini course to Somebody now now if you told me that I'm Like oh he's not making me do a referral He's making me take this mini course on How to scale my business and give it to Somebody I'm going to give it to Somebody that is a good fit for so when I give it to them now I get them in my Database you have to you you have to Operationalize The conversion lifetime nurture Appointment engine referral machine good So far I want to show you my our lessons Learned on this okay here's obsessing Over lifetime nurture I want to show you We we did three emails a week I want to show you the exact email that We wrote our exact email that we wrote Was called the deal of the week Nobody nobody wants to unsubscribe from A deal of the week what you would do you Would say client of the week Right so these are examples deal of the Week I have a I have a friend who's a Client who's a watch broker he calls it Watch of the week Um or you can say client of the week or You can say guest of the week or you can

If you're teaching sales scriptures you Say script of the week If you do that no one will opt out from Your stuff Every Wednesday I'm picking the date you Send a something of the week That is perfect for your clients Right and I'm actually going to give you Uh the exact scripting on how to do this So here's how it works text-based email To your entire database once a week I will tell you this email alone Probably made us I don't know several Hundred million dollars here's how it Works I'm going to give you the exact Subject line I'm going to give you the Exact content I'm going to give you Exact call to action and I'm going to Give you the exact non-negotiables okay Here it is so we were selling real Estate and you should be able to do Exactly this for yourself our real Estate example was a city deal of the Week so the subject line would say San Diego deal of the week Vancouver deal of The week La Jolla deal of the week New York City Deal of the week Right that's the subject line easy Enough Do not change it Do not be cute I have tested tons of versions of this This is what works because the name

Actually like the San Diego Contextualizes it for them and then the Deal of the week's like oh I don't want To miss this right here's the email it's Super simple you will do exactly the Same way I'll show you how to do this Two bullet points about in our case the Home two bullet points about the Neighborhood two bullet points on why You like it and the price in bold so it Would say hey two bedroom two bath in Laguna Beach uh the neighborhood has Really good schools uh I like it because It has a you know it has XYZ really Great thing it's 1.3 million dollars Right you would say client of the week Two bull points about decline you know Here's Dan he came to me when he was Making five grand a month today he's Making 40 Grand a month the reason I Love him he did XYZ and here is his Profile you're just highlighting the Client this is your magic line at the End you're saying if you're interested In blank if you're interested in getting The same results as Dan just reply and I Will get you all the details there's no Click there's no picture there's no link There's nothing if you're interested in Blank just reply and I will get you all The details why are we doing that You're forcing the reply So you're forcing conversation every Week I keep doing that at some point

Someone's gonna be like man I should Just reply to this to see what exactly They offer And now you're in conversation Non-negotiables no address no link no Pictures no like no nothing in our thing We had a house but otherwise you guys Shouldn't do any of it No picture of the person no nothing that You're forcing the reply This one thing Like I will tell you you do it you do a Client of the week right now I'm going To guarantee you you will get more Responses than any email you've ever Sent Once a week Over and over and over and over and over Again because they're sitting there on The bathroom scrolling knows the truth Right you need to know how they interact With the stuff and they're like oh crap I want to know more I want to tell you About the weekly sales system this is Going to be ultra tactical how many of You end up doing want to do a webinar or A training and then you're like crap I Don't want to sell at the end of this If you did a weekly webinar or training And you sold at the end of it do you Feel kind of sleazy don't lie Right it's just weird you're like I just Did this last week and now I'm going to Sell again that feels really weird I'm

Going to show you a way where you can do Weekly trainings and sell every week Okay here's how this works so you're Going to email your list I'm going to give you examples of this You're going to email your list you're Going to say hey I'm doing a webinar Tomorrow I'm going to do a training Tomorrow on XYZ topic just show up right You're going to teach the training And you're going to do something called A survey close I'm going to give you an Example of the survey close and based on The survey close the setter is going to Follow up and set an appointment Okay makes sense if I showed you the Survey close I'm going to start this Webinar training and say hey everybody Super excited to be here uh just so you Know I have nothing to sell you today But there is one requirement At the end of this training I'm going to Give you a three question 10 second Survey that shows how I have done If you are comfortable doing doing that That'll be your competition to me for Sharing this message with you Please put one in the chat if you're Good with that you'll see Now you know so they've accepted to Taking that survey if you don't do that They won't take the survey and they'll Leave So you have to get the commitment that

They're going to do that survey Yes good so far now let me give you an Example of the survey survey looks like This it's three questions this is from My clients who run a passive income Program literally this is the first Question best email for the replay Okay second question what was your Favorite part about the presentation it Doesn't matter this is a throwaway I just want them to tell me something That they loved about me before asking Them the next question Okay the third question is this what are You most interested when it comes to Blank your topic they'll choose and once They have choose they click submit it Goes to your closer team the closer is Like oh you said you were interested in Online courses in passive income would You like to jump on a call for five Minutes to talk about it they just told You what they're interested in you can Do this week in and week out and week in And week out and never sell this is how We built a 3.4 billion dollar business Teach Survey clothes teach survey clothes Teach survey clothes teach survey Clothes Because when someone fills out a survey They're in a completely different place With you Right because you didn't ask them for

Anything and now the person reaching out Has some knowledge on how they're Reaching out they're not reaching out Cold saying do you have any questions no They're saying you're interested in X You want to jump on a five minute call And talk about it They say no no problem would you like me To send you some information hey I sent You some information maybe easier if you Jumped on a call talk about it Super easy Good now you can actually teach weekly And sell weekly without actually feeling Like you're selling weekly Do you see the power in this

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