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Foreign You study history you're a great Communicator so you've got this unique Uh set of glasses proverbial Um the the way you look at the world now That you have gone through this Evolution from somebody who discovered The industry to somebody who became a Player like a serious player in the Industry Um it's it's been some time You've had some experiences you've had Some big successes you've had some Failures looking back On the moment when you just got started When you just were kind of like this Wide-eyed you know uh shiny object Secrets so to speak Um looking back at that moment if you Could go back in time and give yourself Some kind of advice summed up in one Sentence or two sentences what would That be Hmm Um I think it would be never stop Learning Uh you know be a Perpetual student of This because there are things that I Started to do later That seems so obvious to me now but that I wouldn't have thought of if I hadn't Learned them from somebody and and just To put a little meat on this I'll give You one example

Um But two quick examples if you don't mind What so one of them is uh it is true you Know Russell Brunson is always talking About every business needs a funnel Well it also needs Um like I have a membership site that Now has membership tiers there's a basic Tier there's an intermediate tier and There's a the Ultimate Super Deluxe tier When I first launched that site it had Only the basic tier it never occurred to Me to package up a bunch of things and Give the deluxe one That was a big mistake because the Deluxe one Just brings in an absolute Fortune Especially when I have my Black Friday Promotion every year it brings in a Fortune and uh I was selling myself Short not thinking of that The other thing would be Realizing that you know sometimes you You think about I've launched a product And I wanted to make X dollars so the Way for it to make X dollars is if it's A hundred dollar product and I want to Make uh a hundred thousand dollars I Need a thousand sales But this is where the funnel comes in Maybe instead of trying to find all These people Maybe it's I sell it to my core of People and a lot of that core wants to

Buy the super deluxe version uh and so You can do a kind of like a price Discrimination you know where you go Through a funnel and some people are Just going to say I just want the 100 Thing but but you offer the the Opportunity for somebody to get a Thousand dollar thing You know and now suddenly I only need 100 sales And so that so thinking that way that it Is easier to sell To the ex to an existing audience Than it is to go out and buy to find a Whole new audience a fine 10 000 new Buyers it's way easier to take your Thousand buyers and just offer them Something more deluxe it's actually Easier to do that And and it took me forever to figure That out but that has been the key that That insight has been the key to uh a Big chunk of My Success And you're right you're absolutely right Uh that and of course having the balls To sell something for a thousand bucks Uh which in and of itself can be a Barrier for people you know um I was Afraid to raise my prices when I just Started coaching I used to sell my Coaching at 300 for a lifetime Oh my God I quickly learned what a big mistake That was and within the next uh 13

Months I raised the price to eight Thousand dollars for four months of Coaching So it was just it was a big game changer In that year I ended up making 1.3 Million dollars uh of which I kept about 70 something percent because I had some Expenses had some people you know on a Percentage cut you know sort of deal so Um raising prices and selling fewer Units was a big one for me As well as of course when you get a Buyer that way when you've got a Relationship that's on that level There's always opportunities uh down Down the line to create more income Streams for example they need tools they Need traffic they need this they need That so it all ended up uh creating a Solid customer base of several hundred People that ended up making me well over A million dollars and I was only like 24 25 years old at the time so I I was Still trying to figure it out to be Honest with you yeah but this is where When I'm this is what I want to like Give this final thought and I see the The internet marketing business as this Giant puzzle And a lot of times what people what People do is they think they need to Have the entire puzzle figured out For them to be making money I don't Think that's true I think you start

Making good money as soon as you've got Your your jigsaw puzzle outline Figure it out when you just got the Outline figured out you actually started Making some money and when you put in a Few more pieces into it you're making 10K per month but then you start adding Another piece and another piece another Piece and every piece has this Exponential impact on your income Because you go the evolution and you can Tell me if this is if this was true for You the Evolution for making 100 a week To 100 a day Is slower than the evolution of going From 100 a day to a thousand dollars a Day and that is slower than going from a Thousand dollars a day to say you know Five ten five thousand dollars a day yo It's Igor I want you to have my Amazon Best-selling book for free for taking The time to listen to my podcast and to Watch my YouTube videos now I'm not only Going to give you this book for free but I'm going to throw in about three point Two thousand dollars in free bonuses now If you want to get this book please Click the link in the description or you Can also go to and now Back to the podcast By that point you've started to unlock Some secrets and then they start Multiplying and I'll I'll I will finish With this you probably know maybe you

Know Marlon Sanders who's independent Marketing yep okay so Marlin's kind of An OG he's been around forever and he's Got this cantankerous old man Personality that I just am I just love And I told him that I I I don't want to Say it just yet because I haven't Launched it but I'm about to launch a Very very expensive program I mean like A wildly expensive uh but that it will Absolutely transform the lives of the People who do it no no doubt about it And I'm only expecting a dozen or two People to take me up on it even though I Have a pretty big audience and that's Okay that's that's all I want if it was Too big that would defeat the purpose of What I'm trying to do it can't be big it Has to be small and intimate and I was Saying to Marlon well maybe I should Price it at such and such and he was Saying Tom You need to go he said I am insisting That you go subscribe to the Russell Brunson package of Dan Kennedy material And I need you to go listen to his brass Balls presentation And in his brass balls presentation he Talks about pricing your stuff and Sometimes you just need to have brass Balls and just say this is what I'm Charging because this is what it's worth And he put He put my head on straight With that

Yeah and he's right uh then then Kennedy Has been a tremendous influence on Everything I do and if if you are Looking into pricing and kind of you Want to get your mindset right about That he's got a great book it's called The pricing strategy uh the no BS Pricing strategy which completely Revolutionized the way I think about Price in fact it convinced me I'm gonna I'm writing this down I didn't know About this book I'm writing it down Absolutely get it anyone listening if You've got a product or a service where You control the price and as an Affiliate by the way you control the Price by choosing more expensive Products to promote Um you will see that Um getting so getting a hundred dollar Sale is actually just as difficult or Easy as getting a thousand dollar sale And I tested this many many times I took The same presentation and I put it in Front of different uh people in Different formats right uh as in one Presentation ended with a pitch to a Hundred dollar or two hundred dollar Item and another one that was very Similar the only thing that was Different it was the offer that was Making at the end so like the price and The bonuses Etc and uh but it took the Exact same amount of time about an hour

Long and I pitched a thousand dollar Item and my conversions are on these on These offers were 12 for the 200 item And 10 for the thousand dollar item Which means I basically made a ton more Money with the exact same presentation Simply because like you said you know The brass balls of the audacity you know To to pitch something for a thousand Bucks Now Um this is this is a true game changer For anyone who sells low ticket because My first product launch On jvzoo by the Way Um I made ten thousand dollars in three Days and I was ecstatic I was absolutely Thrilled because I was selling a 17 Product and I sold like a ton of units And uh I thought it was on the top of The world but then a couple of months Down the road I started selling things There like a couple hundred bucks and All of a sudden I'm realizing wait a Second I need to make 10 sales of the 17 Thing to make 170 bucks I just made 300 With one sale Why am I wasting my time selling cheap Stuff and the other thing you will Notice is that people who buy cheaper Stuff in general tend to be higher Maintenance than people who buy more Expensive things like the people who Paid me the most money are the least

Pain in my ass let's put it this way Yeah not to say that Yeah exactly yes Yes And and and you know and and because They're and not to mention It's also true that something you pay More money for you uh you treat it with More respect and so if I pay 500 for a Training course I'll probably do it I'll Probably go through it whereas if the Guy says hey I'm giving my training Course away for free it'll sit on my Hard drive and I will never even touch It and that you know I wish mankind were Different but it isn't and that's the Way it is that's the way it is so uh It's I'm not doing anybody any favors by Saying here's a ten dollar thing because First of all they'll value it low They'll think it's only that couldn't be Worth anything And and so in fact when I I did briefly Sell a course on how I email how to Build a list how to monetize it and I Sold that for ridiculously low price I Mean it was absurd and I gave away plr To it for ninety seven dollars and and This thing is like this is the key if You understand this you are in Absolutely in in the driver's seat and I That should have been At least 197 at least 296 something Reasonable to indicate its value and so

I will not make that mistake again all You who got it at 97 you were lucky I Was a dope [Laughter] All right well guys look uh you can Listen to Tom for hours and he actually Got a Daily Show uh so you can check it Out on YouTube by looking up Tom Wood Show on YouTube you can also go to there's probably going to Be lots of different links uh on the Website and if you want to uh find out More about how Tom is making his money You can go to paths paths to With an S and sign up on his email list And check him out seriously this dude is A big player he doesn't know yet doesn't Realize it yet or maybe doesn't want us To know that he knows but he's a big Player and you should be following him So uh uh Tom thank you so much for Taking the time today I really Appreciate it it was it was a blast Honestly uh thank you for making the Time in your busy calendar for me My pleasure eager I enjoyed it thank you

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