The Secret Of Balancing Work and Parenting Life

Should you have kids if you want to be Successful in business well as a father Of Two And there's one of them right There I say you should here's why in Order to be productive you have to learn To get more done in less time and There's one thing that's going to make You be that way and that is your kids Whether you have one or two or three or Five it doesn't matter what matters is Your life is no longer yours and you Have to structure your life around their Life so that means you'll have less time To waste and when you have less time to Waste guess what you get serious about The hours you actually have the secret To getting more done is not to have more Hours it's to be better prepared and use The hours you already have in order to Achieve your goals

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The Money Is In The List...

Having a large, active email list of customers and prospects can mean big profits for your business.

But the question is are you using the best tools to connect with your list and send effective emails?

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