The Power of Perception: Why You Only Hear What You Want to Hear

Every single one of us sees through life With a filter you are watching me you're Watching me I'm communicating I'm teaching you'll hear completely Something different from you and you Hear something completely different From you because you don't hear a damn Word I say you hear what you want to Hear you hear oh that makes sense for my Business I'll take that in oh no no I Totally disagree with you it doesn't Make sense at all so I don't hear you You hear what you want to hear you don't Hear what I say so we all have a filter So when you post content on social media Knowing that you get haters not because They hate you and usually the people who Hate other people the most they hate Themselves they don't hate you they hate Themselves usually nameless faceless no Name why no name because they're hiding They don't want people to see but you Don't want people to know who they are That's why they hide

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