The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Every 10 Years

Welcome back to the Elizabethan Lifestyle I’m your host Igor K Fitz I am Big on reflecting reflecting on my past Mistakes reflecting on my past successes But probably more so on mistakes and Successes I’ve never been great at Celebrating my successes which I think Is a big mistake but in this episode I Want to share with you the one question I like to ask myself every 10 years and The one question I ask anyone who I just Met in fact anytime I go to a party or a Seminar and I meet people that I’ve Never met before in order to get to know The person in front of me I’ve always Asked this question and it immediately Shows this person’s deepest most sacred Most inner intimate thoughts and Feelings if they’re able to answer this Question honestly which of course Happens only about 50 of the time Because people are just afraid of being Vulnerable in public but that’s okay I Still ask this question every time Because it helps me make sense of my Environment and the people in it and Find out who are the people that I Actually want to hang out with who is Honest with me who’s not honest with me And who is the person of quality that I Should be spending more time with so Enjoy [Applause] [Music]

I’m Igor kefitz and this is the list Building Lifestyle the podcast for Anyone who wants to build a wildly Profitable email list working from home If you’d like to make six figures travel The world and help people improve their Lives in the process this podcast is for You I also invite you to claim a free Copy of my vesseling book The List Building lifestyle confessions of an Email millionaire at Igor’s get The free book plus three thousand dollar Bonus package it includes my best Capture page templates email swipe files And traffic blueprints visit for details and now It’s time to claim your list building Lifestyle Foreign [Music] Questions to ask people is if you could Go back in time 10 years or 20 years Does it matter and you could meet Yourself from the past what would you Tell yourself And this is a question I ask because it Shows you what is that person’s biggest Regret in life And I feel that today when people try Not to appear too vulnerable and they’re Trying to keep their cards close to the Chest I I find that this is uh this Helps me get to know people a lot better Especially in an intimate environment

Where I’m there to connect and not Necessarily to just kill some time Obviously I wouldn’t ask this in a in a Starbucks lineup to get my latte but you Know I would ask that at the seminar I Would ask that at a at a dinner party Especially if it’s somebody who I’ve you Know started to connect with and what’s Really funny is that sometimes people Will give me this ridiculous answer that I absolutely hate saying something like I wouldn’t change your thing Now this is not a question that I asked I asked the question if you could go Back in time meet yourself from the past And say something to yourself what would It be right so give yourself some Guidance some advice maybe you know Share the winning lottery numbers with Yourself right I mean it could be Anything I mean the answer is I’ve got in the Past were uh you know uh one time one Guy told me don’t invest in all that Real estate so he obviously got uh got Smashed during the 2008 crisis another Guy told me Um don’t Don’t cheat on your wife right Because he regretted cheating and then Um you know the marriage breaking apart Realizing that even at the age of 60 Something his ex-wife is still his best Friend and and he was like regretting Ruining that relationship

Um I’ve had all sorts of answers but When they say I wouldn’t change a thing Or I’ve got no regrets I just want to say because First off I don’t believe that you have Life figured out to a point where you’ve Made no mistakes that you regret so I I Just don’t buy that but second Oftentimes people fail to admit to Themselves that you know they have Regrets and it’s okay for some reason Many of them will look at their life and They will almost try to give themselves This this pet in the back and say you Know I don’t regret anything almost to Say that Um that they they lived the best life They could have lived but really I don’t think that’s true I don’t think I’ve lived the best life I’ve ever I’ve Ever could have lived and I’ve like Really really tried Like every single one of us we hold back We let fear take over we don’t take Advantage of opportunities at the very Best over the course of our entire life We might have taken advantage of one big Opportunity one We might have overcome one big Meaningful challenge One for the most part and and most People I guess don’t even do that So I really don’t buy the idea that you Can live life Without Regrets but I do

Buy the idea that you can and you should Learn from your regrets and I believe That on your deathbed you won’t be Thinking about the things you the Mistakes you’ve done right I don’t think You’ll be thinking about oh I tried this And didn’t work or I invested five Thousand dollars in building my online Business and you know I failed or or I Um I I try to stick this diet and I Couldn’t and whatever right I don’t Think you’ll be thinking those thoughts But you will be thinking about all the Things you didn’t do I really truly Believe that on their deathbed at least All men right because it’s hard for me To look at the world from a perspective A woman And uh I do believe that it’s a totally Different Um um DNA and brain structure and stuff Like that so I will speak from from a Standpoint of a guy because that’s the Only perspective that I can that I can Really think of Um as a as a man on my deathbed I’ll be Thinking of all the things I didn’t do I wouldn’t be thinking about my mistakes I wouldn’t be thinking about the things I tried I would be thinking about the Things I didn’t do and those would be my Biggest regrets And sometimes when I find it difficult To motivate myself sometimes when I

Procrastinate or get sucked into the Day-to-day routine and it kind of hide Behind the idea that oh I’m so busy and I can’t do this or I can’t do that I will try and motivate Myself by Sitting down and imagining what would be Like on my deathbed if I didn’t do this In fact this is the biggest thing that Got me moving when it came to getting me To finally lose some weight And get into the dating game because I Was I was as I was growing up I was Really socially awkward I was really shy Um I wasn’t the most popular kid in School to say the least and I’ve really Struggled with just talking to women And I I believed at the time that my Issue was that I was fat And so at the same time I wouldn’t do Anything about it I would just sit Behind my computer play my video games And you know continue drinking Coca-Cola Um and I think what got me moving was When I started listening to Tony Robbins Personal power 2 program which at the Time came with tapes who then someone Took those tapes and turned them into MP3 files which is really fascinating And shared them on a free pirate torrent Website which of course I used at the Time because I was a teen and I didn’t Have any money and you know why am I Supposed to pay for self-development Stuff no way right I understand how long

I’ve come since then but I was listening To that program and Tony Robbins did What he calls the Dickens exercise Um remember that story about Scrooge the Guy who was this cheap bastard who made People work on Christmas and so on Christmas Eve the Ghost of Christmas Past Christmas present and Christmas Future show up on his doorstep like if You didn’t read the original you’ve Probably seen the movie with Matthew McConaughey where the the the ghost of Past girlfriends and present and future Girlfriends you know came to him to show Him what what an he was that’s The most recent remake of that movie Um and and so the story is all about Making whoever’s misbehaving realize What they’re doing wrong and change just Like that just like on a dime and the Way it’s done is by showing them what They were in the past and the and the Way they hurt people in the past or the Way they heard themselves in the past What’s going on in the present that They’re failing to see And what’s going to happen in the future If they don’t change direction if they Don’t change their behavior and so I sat Down and I did that exercise in writing About myself about what if I don’t lose Weight So I remembered all the hardship I went Through as a as a fat kid in school

Because children are cruel and they will Make fun of you and Israeli children I Think are triple as cruel as an as as Other children Um I mean I look at my daughter who goes To school in Canada And it’s a very inclusive and very safe Environment very little bullying if any Uh in Israel it’s all about that Israel Is all about bullying period like Everybody in Israel even bullies in Israel have bullies you know like it’s Just it’s very very bad Um and so I looked at my past and I Didn’t like what I saw then I looked at My present in my present I also didn’t Like what I saw because I was I didn’t Have any social life I didn’t have any Girlfriends Um I didn’t have any any presence Anywhere outside of textbooks and video Games And so that got me scared and then I Future pasted and I realized if I don’t Change then I’ll probably die a virgin Or something And so that motivated me right then To first off cut all sugar from my diet Like I’ve literally went and I said no To sodas to ketchup Two sweets of all kinds and we always You know even though my family was Really really poor we always had sweets At home we always had soda at home and

Of course we had a big TV so all the Things that I don’t have at home right Now well with the exception of Halloween Uh and and some holidays like right now We’re post Halloween as we’re recording This and you know my cupboard is full of Like bags of candy of all kinds but you Know we’re only letting the kids take One a day so hopefully by this time next Year they’ll finish the bag Um but I just went cold turkey I I stopped consuming so much sugar I’m Pretty sure there was there was still Some sugar in my diet just because if You read on the back of the label There’s some products like spaghetti That does you know they do have sugar in Them and my mom never read the label but My my sugar intake went down by at least 80 percent and then I also started Jogging three times a week I got a jump Rope and I started doing a jump rope Three times a week And I really got serious about my Fitness and within I think two months I Lost about 25 pounds just because and I Think it’s mostly because of the of Their sugar cut right because that’s Where most calories came from but at the Time I thought it was also because I was Exercising but point being is that That Dickens exercise being able to look In the into the past the present and the Future and really and truly spot my

Deepest biggest regrets is what drove me To become a successful individual Thank you for listening to the list Billing lifestyle get access to the Previous episodes transcript of today’s Show as well as other exclusive content At also Remember to claim your free copy of my Best-selling book at it explains how I made Millions with list buildings starting From scratch plus I’ll give you three Thousand dollars worth of free bonuses Including my best landing page templates Email swipe files and traffic blueprints Go to now to claim your free Package Foreign [Applause] [Music]

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