The Next Team Member Every Coach and Consultant Should Hire S1E65

[Music] Foreign Is the king of high ticket sales and he Is a masterful entrepreneur that's what I love about Dan no BS Dan was an Exceptional leader teacher business Mentor and friend Dan's a force in Nature 12 million dollars in my pocket is what I believe I would have above and beyond What I made in the last 10 years alone Had I found Dan luck sooner Another good question from one of our Podcast listeners who should I hire NYX What is that one team member that every Coach or consultant should hire next now Maybe the first hire that you do you're Just kind of growing and building right Is your virtual assistant which I Recommend you should hire virtual Assistant because it saves you time but I believe the most important person that You should hire as quickly as possible Is a closer An appointment setter perhaps someone That puts a little bit of buffer between You and the prospect A lot of coaches when they get on the Phone when you are selling your coaching Program or your your high ticket offer When you're coaching and when you try to Sell the same time it's not a very good Way to start the relationship when you Put a buffer some sort of a closer let's

Say someone fills out an application Form on your page or someone wants to Find out more about your coaching and Consulting you do not get on the phone First you have your closer right someone Who gets on the phone with the prospect To qualify them first to see their needs To see if they have the budget to see if They have the needs to see if they have The urgency to actually buy and they Could close that sale for you that Buffer I think is very very important This is why I'm not a big proponent I've Talked about this in the past in the Previous episode that I don't like free Strategy session or free coaching Session because if you're good at what You do why are you doing it for free in Terms of your time you should always Always charge for your time content-wise No problem give it away for free but When it comes to your time your coaching Time your Consulting time you should Always charge for it why because what You know your energy your expertise your Knowledge their your most valuable Commodities why would you give that away For free content no problem to build Trust to build a reputation to build the Following no issue but when it comes to Getting on the phone and actually Helping somebody you should charge so I Believe the next person that every coach Or consultant should hire us quickly as

Possible as a closer until then go high Ticket

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