The Best Way To Drive Traffic Based On Expert’s Experience

Talk to us a little bit about your Favorite way of driving traffic Yes my favorite way of driving traffic Is focused on building a list I'm asking Myself what's the kind of person that Will open my emails click on my emails Receive my emails read my emails even if I sent two a day it goes back to concept I learned from Gary Hilbert if you want To sell something get in front of people Who are already buying what you're Selling even if they're buying a lot of It if I wanted to get someone on my list I'm actually going to go and hunt for Lists of people in that Niche and try to Get an email out to those lists inviting Those people to get into my list And this is called email drops or solo Ads it's when you find somebody who owns A big list that fits your demographic And profile [Music]

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The Money Is In The List...

Having a large, active email list of customers and prospects can mean big profits for your business.

But the question is are you using the best tools to connect with your list and send effective emails?

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