Simple & Effective Content Strategy For Entrepreneurs in 2023

One of the best ways to grow your brand And your business today is by posting Content online this business owner Bradley saw what posting content was Doing for his friend Grant cardone's Businesses so he finally decided to make The leap to start building his brand by Posting content on social media Brad was Able to find a simple yet effective Content strategy that he believes every Entrepreneur should adapt into their Business today so here it is how many People here make a lot of content is it Time consuming dude you got you can't Like it's almost like pick one make Content or run a business but I kept Watching Grant I kept watching all these People turn that into serious money or Serious attention I should say the Attention becomes money and so I thought I'll start posting for the first year Nothing really you know a couple Thousand followers like maybe in a year Keep in mind I'm running real brick and Mortar businesses so I'm running the Business and I had this camera guy that I hired he was very organized so I'm Running a business I'm on the phone this Guy's coming in I got heat from a Customer I got Heat from employees and He kept popping in Brad got to make Content and I'm like dude give me a Minute you know five minutes later Brad Got to make content so I'm getting all

Frustrated and so he popped in one too Many times and he said Brad Got to make content and I looked at him And I said dude turn the camera on I am The content but then I went back and I Finished my call and then another person Called and I closed the deal and an Employee walked in and I talked to the Employee then I freaking went out on the Balcony and smoked a cigar and someone Else was asking me questions and then I Walked in and blah blah blah and I Forgot that he was filming me the whole Entire time and so at the end of the day They take that footage they put it on a Drive and then my creative team takes The footage looks through it and tries To make content out of it and believe it Or not that's when it started blowing up That's when I started getting like Thousands and thousands of followers and Comments and engagement and the reason Why is because instead of trying to Think up content I became the content so you guys I don't Know what you do but you need to be the Content now somebody says well what do You mean well like do you talk to your Kids do you talk to customers do you Flip houses don't you expert all day Long somehow whatever you're you do Whoever you are You want to film that so now you don't Need time all those hands that went up

When I said it's time consuming look how Much time you get back by the way you're Going to say things naturally better Than any script you've ever come up with Just makes the content real And that's why people start following me They're like dude I just love you you're Just so real Well that's because it is real it gets All content folks and now you no longer Have to do content hey there if you want More free content just like this from Our conference then go to to get some of the best Marketing and video content strategy Advice from top level content creators And entrepreneurs like Alex hermosi Garyvee Patrick Bet David Vanessa lau And so many more go to To get that free resource today before It is gone

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