My Best Advice On How To Recover From Major Burnout

Welcome back to the listening lifestyle I'm your host Igor kfetz in this episode I'd like to talk about burnout because Burnout is real and ever since covet I Think Berna has become even more Dominant in our lives because we uh have Lost this this fine line between working And resting and if you're working from Home right now you've probably been Feeling like there's no more black and White there's just basically one gray Mush so in this episode I'm going to Give you a few tips that you can Implement right away to eliminate some Major burnout if you're suffering from It or to prevent it if you're not Suffering from it just yet Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Lifestyle the podcast for anyone who Wants to build a wildly profitable email List working from home if you'd like to Make six figures travel the world and Help people improve their lives in the Process this podcast is for you I also Invite you to claim a free copy of my Best sling book The List building Lifestyle confessions of an email Millionaire at igor' get the Free book plus three thousand dollar Bonus package that includes my best

Capture page templates email swipe files And traffic blueprints visit for details and now It's time to claim your Liz building Lifestyle Foreign [Music] [Applause] Experiencing major burnout when I Started making about 250 000 a year it Was it was a really good time for me I Was up and coming in the industry I was Making about twenty thousand dollars a Month and I was loving it because just To compare to where I was at the time Twenty thousand dollars a month was About double my annual salary in Israel At the time so I was virtually a one-man Operation With maybe another one other assistant Or something from Lithuania uh which I Ended up firing later because I found Him stealing my leads Um And I was I was doing everything myself Almost everything myself and I was Making great money and I really thought That's the way but what I didn't Consider is just how difficult it gets When you realize you can't really take Any days off and what's interesting is I Love the idea of working for my laptop I Loved the idea of not having to commute But I barely had time to breathe I ate

At my computer I slept next to my Computer I uh even spending time with my uh at The time Um a girlfriend uh who will soon become My wife uh and the mother of my children Even spending time together was next to A computer because I couldn't afford to Take my eyes off the ball I remember Going to a restaurant with her and uh Whipping out my laptop in between meals So I can change a link or redirect a Link because there was no one who could Do it for me And it really all came uh kind of Crashing on me when Um I I didn't even notice that Anastasia just left This was crazy like she actually left Because she called me for something or She wanted to know something and I Completely ignored her that day that Night And uh she just said you know what I'm Done and she just left The building And I only discovered that six hours Later when I was done working or you Know came out to pee or something it was It was it's embarrassing to admit but I Was so focused on what I was doing I was So obsessed with it and I was such a Control freak that I just didn't pay Attention

Now I'm not going to give you the whole Spiel about she's the reason why I live And breathe and blah blah blah blah like I still wake up in the morning and I Love what I do and uh even if we were to Separate I wouldn't kill myself you know I wouldn't like do that whole drama Thing I'll figure out a way to live my Life and I'll I would continue to do What I do however it was becoming a bit Toxic on my relationships both with Anastasia I mean my parents and my Friends which at the time didn't really Have any friends because it was working So hard and I didn't really have time For anything other than my work So what really helped me battle Um this this burnout situation where I Was working around the clock and I Really felt like I was going a million Miles an hour and still falling behind Constantly chasing my to-do list and Constantly trying to put out fires was Coming to realization that I absolutely Had to start hiring people And that yes no one will do it the way That I will no one will be able to do it As good as I will do it and no one will Care as much as I will care however it's Inevitable you still have to bring People in uh to replace you and to give You your time and Sanity back and I Really used to think in terms of Um you know dollars and cents

Where you know if if I'm paying someone A salary and they're not bringing at Least double that amount of money uh I Should get rid of them but that's Actually incorrect way to think about it Um would you get back when you start Building a team is the ability to think Because I for me one of the biggest Problems with burnout is not physical Um a dream it's not you know physically Being drained or being tired all the Time Um you can be that and not work it's for Me those are not connected plus I'm Working behind my computer it's not that I'm like shoveling horse manure all day It's you know it's it's a relatively Easy job to just you know place your ass In a chair and type it's not a big deal But it is a a brain intensive kind of Work so if your ability to think Is damaged because your your mental Bandwidth is is constantly occupied with Everything else other than the important Things then that ends up hurting you and You get stuck and so for me the moments When I'm most you know uh burnt out even Today are usually the moments when I hit A plateau when I hit some kind of glass Ceiling in my business and usually that Means I am trying to take on too much and I've Recently hit that point again where you Know our business started growing

Because we released a new offer it Really took off and I found myself you Know doing a million things and really Falling behind Um you know with and starting to to fail People right that's actually a big deal For me where I I hold myself accountable To people in my life be it people on my Team or people in my family But as soon as I noticed that I'm Failing Um and I'm and I'm being Um well my accountability uh to these People Um gets hurt that's when I started Looking outside and and looking at what Can I delegate so I ended up bringing Several new faces into into the company I brought in the GED manager I brought In an Outreach person an in-house uh Content producer uh person Um we we started we brought in more People A foreign Journal team and It helped to free stuff from my plate And not in the way that oh now I have an Extra two hours a day that I can sit Here and do nothing with no it's more About being able to not think about Certain things which means they don't Take up your space because in my under My understanding of who I am as an Individual uh in terms of my my mental Capacity or my battery

Is I'm kind of like a computer With lots and lots and lots and lots of Apps running in the background eating up All of my operating memory So if you're a geek you know you know What Ram means right it's the operating Memory that that stores information That's you know that you need right now To keep running all your apps uh so kind Of like on your phone if you've got a Million different apps open your phone Slows down well in my experience my Human Experience showed me that for me It's times a thousand if there's more Than three or four quote-unquote apps That are running in the background for Me my brain not only slows down my whole System including my nervous system Starts shutting down my my back pain Flares up I'm physically tired all the Time I'm I'm cranky I have less patience I I basically become a different person And uh that's something I don't like I I Mean I'm all for success and and making Money and being a big dog and everything I'm as ambitious as any other Entrepreneur but if I do it at a cost of Personal well-being to a point where my Personality changes and therefore Changes the relationships in my life and And my my health that's when I started Questioning Um am I taking on too much That's how burnout shows up for me so my

My best my best tip is to bring people Um who can take things off your plate However if you're if you're just Starting out and you don't have the Budget for it if you don't want to bring The people then the only other best Thing to do is to start saying no it's To cut things from your day to day it's Being able to discern okay I've got These five things here that I'm working On I have to get rid of at least three To get my sanity back to not feel so Burnt out and overwhelmed and it does Happen to me as well I remember one time It was three years ago Um I launched a project where I was Teaching people how to build a webinar And um you know it was a great project People paid me a thousand bucks each so Made some good money but I quickly Learned that between everything else I Had going on I just couldn't take on This one extra project it was putting so Much pressure on me that I I just went Back and I refunded everybody and I said Hey guys honestly I just took on too Much here's your money back I do Apologize but this program is now shut Down you got your money back and I know I I kind of let you down but you know I'm just human I made a mistake that's It I had no backlash I had no complaints No one left me no one filed they Complaint to the Better Business Bureau

Or nothing like that it just you know Um kind of let go of that project I Never relaunched it I ended up moving on To different things but that moment I Felt a huge relief because I was like it Felt like a physical weight was off my Shoulders so these are the really the Two ways you can deal with burnout in my Opinion I don't think dealing with Burnout the way most people would do it Were They would go to like a seven day Vacation and disconnect but they come Back to the same chaos so what exactly Like there's he didn't really solve a Problem you're kind of trying to put a Band-Aid on on a gunshot wound because You're basically saying like I'm not I'm Gonna not think about it for seven days But I'm gonna come back straight into it Straight into this hell and uh do you Think you're gonna feel better no Probably not Um I I really think that your inner Battery Deserves a lot more attention than most People would give it and um the burnout Can create a long lasting stress and Health issues that you really don't want To deal with Thank you Thank you for listening to the list Billing lifestyle get access to the Previous episodes transcript of today's

Show as well as other exclusive content At also Remember to claim your free copy of my Best-selling book at it explains how I made Millions with list buildings starting From scratch plus I'll give you three Thousand dollars worth of free bonuses Including my best landing page templates Email swipe files and traffic blueprints Go to now to claim your free Package Foreign [Applause] [Music]

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