Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

I would rather be great at one thing Than being mediocre at many different Things the reason for that is because if I'm great at this one thing and I'm Known to be great at this one thing I Can always count on other people wanting Me to do this one thing for them or I Can build a business around actually Being great at this one thing and being Famous for it and therefore attract People and opportunities my way because Of this one thing again as long as this One thing is in demand somewhere in the Marketplace in a community of some sort As long as this one thing brings value To someone if that's the case I will Want to be great at this one thing Instead of trying to be mediocre or Average at many different things and not Stand out

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A Man Working On His List

The Money Is In The List...

Having a large, active email list of customers and prospects can mean big profits for your business.

But the question is are you using the best tools to connect with your list and send effective emails?

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