Interview with Stephen Somers

Foreign Lifestyle I'm your host Igor kfetz and Today I'm hosting my dear friend Steven Summers from Ireland who built an Eight-figure company with just 60 000 People on his email list he agreed to Come on the show and disclose all of his Advanced Techniques to building trust With his email list that allow him to Not only make a ton of money but Routinely place in the top five for Virtually any joint venture or affiliate Competition or launch that he uh Participates in so uh mate welcome to The show ER it's great to be here finally Um it was tricky scheduling wise but so Happy to be here to talk to you and your Audience and I want to make something Clear to all the listing I have nothing To sell you today I'm here just to talk Share value and uh I'm here because Igor Is a great guy so I look forward to Getting into it all that's so amazing Because it's a marketing podcast that Sells nothing this is absolute the best Type of podcast you can listen to Um so for those of our listeners who Don't know you and in spite of you Having been you know built a huge Company uh to like you were still you Were like under the Raider for for for Me up until maybe a year ago right uh so For those of you who don't know you

Just use this opportunity to brag just Give us you know lay lay it down lay the Smackdown like your your top Achievements to date for you and your Company Yeah well yeah it's interesting to say That we are under the radar and I'm Definitely as we go forward you know as We grow my company Marketplace Superheroes I do not want to be as under The radar as we as we were but I do Think that was part of how we've been so Successful which I'll definitely talk About today but yeah so my company I've Got a number of different businesses we Run I currently run Marketplace Superheroes I'm the co-founder of that Company and I am the person who's in Charge of building up our tribe and of Course growing the company as well as Taking care of our amazing clients but Not only that we run a free company Called superhero Freight where we help Our Amazon sellers who we teach we teach Amazon selling and Marketplace repairs Uh we teach we basically have a free Company and we import products from China to the US the UK Canada we have Warehouses and all those different Countries we also run as Solutions and Services company for our Amazon sellers As well so you can see we've gone very Deep In the niche that we're in which is a

Little bit of a hint actually as to what We're going to get into today a bit more And all these companies together make it An eight-figure business and I started It in 2014 I had no email list Whatsoever I had no following whatsoever Myself and my business partner Robert Ricky and by the way I have other Business partners now as we've grown but On my main first work wife business Partner whatever you want to call them Robert Ricky and I we started back then And uh yeah with no email list no Nothing and we grew our email list in a Variety of different methods which we Can get into like going on podcasts for Just one example as well as obviously Using advertising as we grow in the Business and like you mentioned yeah We've won uh we get we finished top five In a lot of big joint venture Competitions we don't actually take part In that many because we are very Protective about what we promote with What we call an all-out promotion uh but Typically yeah like we've promoted the Plan uh we I think we generated 32 Million dollars in sales on that program On its own with two promotions we from All other stuff from like Aiden Booth Like kibo code stuff like that whenever That was active and um again produced I Think nearly two million over well over Two million dollars in sales because we

Promoted it twice so yeah we we've we've Got a pretty serious business now and as You mentioned we have about 60 000 People active on our list we're very Very Um we're very big in the list Health Which we can definitely talk about again Today uh if I didn't clean it there'll Be 300 000 people on there but it would Be absolute nonsense because it would Not be active and any of us are in the Game or we understand what we're doing We know that that would not be a good Thing so all in all look I'm just a Regular dude uh I Igor's actually helped Me understand how much further ahead in A way that I than we aired and I think We are as we've gotten to know each Other which has been kind of a nice Thing because I didn't participate in Masterminds and stuff like that for so Many years I know that I am number one I'm learning so much the meeting some Amazing people uh but also it's helped Me understand like we've actually Achieved a lot like I think we've won at Least 10 and I we hadn't even bothered Go for some more at two common Club Awards now and we've won the X award I Just literally hadn't put in my Application yet but like we've done it So we've won all those things and really I just stopped applying for them Eventually because I just thought like

It just doesn't mean that much to me Anymore what's more important is our Clients and and what we're doing is a Business in the direction we're going so Anyway I don't think that was a great Bragging session I'm not very good at That but uh that gives you yeah you're Terrible with bragging by the way just Absolutely the worst Some Kevin O'Leary or Donald Trump Videos like you need to learn from them Okay just make a mental note but um but Yeah so so yes you are by far one of the Most advanced Um info marketers service providers that I've ever met personally and um the to Be able To uh produce that much revenue with a List of that size is absolutely an art An art form in and of itself which I Would love to get into by the way I know You do a lot and you truly do a lot You've got multiple companies A deep product line you're amazing um at Selling on webinars you come up with These really sexy offers and you know How to position them and everything but Let's let's definitely focus on your List uh Health practices because it is a List building podcast after all so you Said you've got a 60 000 active person Email list if you didn't clean it it Would be 300 000 but that would be just A lot of noise and not as as as much

Result so when you say list Health how Would you define it Yeah so I would say list health is i i Define as how active your email list is And when you put something out there With a clickable link how active they're Going to be and how many how many Registrations you can drive for a Webinar for instance that would be Another indicator of list Health let's Call it but really it's all about making Certain that the people that are on your Email list are the people that are Engaged who want to hear from you and Who are actively opening your emails you Know some people they're able to find List Health as people who click uh your Your links and your emails and that if We did that our email list would be Smaller again right and certainly if you Were really wanting to go that route Maybe that's what what you would do well For me I do it on a 150 day rolling open Opens of 150 days so in other words if You don't open an email from me within 150 days we stop emailing you we Suppress you and that's a really Important practice for us and we learned A lot of this initially from a guy who's Unfortunately no longer with us a guy Called Chris Lang who taught me a lot About deliverability and one of the Things he said was 150 days that's Absolutely critical number one the

Second thing he taught me which again is Something a lot of people say they do But they don't actually do it and that Is to get into whitelisting properly so Again in order to have this healthy Email list where people are actively Engaging they're opening they're Clicking they clearly like what you're Doing you must have yourself in a Position where you're whitelisting so What so whitelisting every email Marketer says oh and by the way Whitelist my email whatever people Didn't go what the hell is that I have No idea why listing even means but email Marketers understand what it means so What Chris taught me to do and I'll Share with you today which is really Simple he and some people are using this Trick now and it definitely his was show People like a little people use a gifts Or gifts whatever we want to say it now Showing dragging that email in in Gmail For example from wherever into the Inbox And another thing that we showed people How to do uh was to create a little uh Filter if I'm writing it's a while since I've done this now create a little Filter and the filter basically said Always put in my inbox and basically What we used to do was we would live Stream to our clients regularly we still Do and we would do this from time to Time we would do a little uh what we

Call a little white listing competition Whereby people would do it they would Come into the comments and say yeah I Just whitelisted I just did everything You told me to do and we had no way to Prove that of course but we would then Say great you're entered into the Competition of course we would get all These emails in and we would do little Competitions but that practice of at the 150 days rolling plus really encouraging People to whitelist and then actually Showing them was a massive Game Changer Because I believe uh 77 0 of our email List were actually Gmail emails and we Were in the spam folder for Gmail 100 Percent of the time which is a nightmare Right that's whenever Chris came into The business and he started teaching us This stuff so they were two of the Critical things that help with your list Health and they're the rules that you Should put in place and then really After that the other thing that's Important that Chris often talked about To me which we do put into place Probably not as much as we used to Storytelling so if your emails are Always selling always closing you're Going to have very bad list Health Whereas when you add in Story based emails from time to time in A period where you're not promoting for Example

There might even be anything clickable In there it might literally just be a Story based email with value uh by by Adding this in it really does help a lot With the the health of your list because People and look to you and go this is Someone who's provided me with value They're not constantly trying to just Close me into something all the time They're not constantly changing up all The different opportunities so I become Super confused and so uh so so that's a Critical thing of story time which we Can definitely chat about but my final Thing I want to tell you which is maybe I don't know maybe but you guys will go Oh yeah of course or maybe not is I love Seeing people unsubscribe I I love it I'm so happy to see people unsubscribe And every day we probably get maybe 60 Or 70 unsubscribes something like that Um and I love it and the reason I love It is because again it's like people are Saying they're active they I don't want To be on this list anymore no problem Whatsoever see you later I hope Everything is good with you and so when You have all these elements together You've got a healthy email list and I'll Just say recently a guy called Paul Irvine very intelligent dude from Scotland he took a look at our email List Health using the postmaster Google Postmaster and he said to me anyway he'd

Never seen an email list as healthy ever In his in his career which was really Cool and so so it works what I'm saying Wow man this is the first show of so Many good points uh and I want to unpack Some of these because uh like you just Sort of dispense all this advice in a Nonchalant way as if it's common Knowledge but I really want to like Highlight a few things so uh first and Foremost you said 150 days so if Somebody's been on your list and didn't Open a single email in that time frame You're getting rid of them you're Suppressing them or removing them or Unsubbing them and I think that's a Great practice I do think you are giving Them a little bit more Leeway I guess like because for us it's It's about 30 days uh we're really Really aggressive on this Um and I think it's really important Everyone gets for the program these days And does that because back in the day This wasn't as important as it is today Because today the email volume went up And within the span of like 30 days an Average inbox is actually getting way More messages so it's much easier Um for you to get blacklisted or to go To spam or to even not get delivered at All to an inbox if you're continuously Sending to an inbox that doesn't Recognize you doesn't want to open your

Emails because what that does it sends Now signals to Gmail and all the other Services that hey look at that uh people On their list don't seem to be opening And um that's a big deal that alone that Tip alone is a huge deal and if more Email marketers recognize that that'd be Great for overall industry practices I agree just on that point though as Well we used to be 120 and we actually Increased it to 150 and the reason for That was we actually for whatever way Our list works every list is different By the way whatever the way our list Works the moving into 150 it captured a Bit more of an active segment that Enabled us to to re-engage in different Ways so it was it was something we Actually decided to do a little while Ago but we were at 120. I also would Just say as well depending on what on What type of business owner you are Listening to the podcast today if you're A product owner or a vendor versus a Straight up affiliate I think that Changes the the email is pretty Considerably and I know Igor you Obviously are a vendor as well as an Affiliate as well uh so so again and You're in a slightly different Niche to Me like I'm in the Amazon space e-com Space you're in the internet marketing Space like before like technically I'm In the internet marketing space but it's

A little bit different right so I think That's an important thing for listening Today as well I get what you're saying and um I think What's really interesting is it also Depends on how you choose to re-engage It uh you mentioned briefly that there Is a re-engagement campaign and I just Got a I just brought someone onto my Team who will be doing that I didn't do That before so before if something Didn't open I was like okay and I just Got rid of them yeah but but now we're Gonna start doing some actual Re-engagement and see what's happening And re-engagement means for those of you Guys listening could be either bribing Them to open right in the subject line Saying something like you know really Just ringing the bell and be like get This for free or I'll I'm bribing you Ethical bribe you know whatever or you Could actually start playing with your Elias it's another Advanced trick I've Seen done where let's say you're mailing A z or kfits and legally speaking you Can't really all of a sudden change your Name to Steven and mail them like that's Actually not compliant but if you change Your name somewhat recognizable Then you can actually mail them with a Different from name which means you can Go from eager kfets to ik you can go From Igor kfets to Igor from you can go from Igor kfets To other stuff like that right so as Long as there's like an ego or somewhere In that from name you're you're still Within the legal framework and what that Allows you to do is allows you to stand Out in a bit of a different way by by The virtue of your from name do you ever Do anything like that Yeah interest in them not too much Actually uh but we have done and it Definitely works and that's again like Here's the thing that's an opportunity For us as well definitely I mean I I Will think about that because it's like Everything when you are growing like There are so many tips it's like I I try To learn I learned how to play golf Right and in golf like I mean holy crap There's so many things you got to do to Hit a good shot and there are these Things they call swing thoughts so when You have too many swing thoughts like Where are my hands where's my body where Are my hips where is everything you Can't hit a ball and I think in email Marketing is kind of the same thing you Can have like I don't know email Marketing thoughts where it's like oh like should I have this from line Today or this other one or you know this Link or that link and it's kind of like What what tends to happen that I see Anyway having now being in more

Masterminds and stuff like that is I Find that the people who are the most Successful are the ones who do the Simple things right all the time so in Other words if you're sending an email And yours right everything you said is Correct by the way but if you're just Getting your you're getting your email Out there you're doing more than what Most people are going to do because most People once send the down email right Especially in the affiliate game and They won't do it but here's something I'm going to tell you all listening Today oh you don't commitment you are Sorry yeah I actually want to say Something because this week I'm not Kidding bro this week I connected with Three different people one of them had a 50 000 person email list another one had A 160 000 another one had a 1.5 million Million okay and they didn't uh one of Them is sending emails like once a month Or once a week and the others don't even Send emails at all It's the craziest thing like we send About 1.4 or 5 million emails a month You know uh when you when you look at it All I'm probably more than that now with The other brands and stuff that we have And it's it's it's the it's the biggest Lifeblood of our business now I will Also attack on to that and we can get Into specific promotional tactics but uh

We added in SMS this year and it's been A fantastic addition to our business Adding that in along with email for Specific promotions has been phenomenal Which I'm happy to chat about but let's Leave that as an open loop for a bit Later on but what I was going to say to You listening today as well to consider Is this How soon are you actually building a Relationship with the people that are Getting on your email list in other Words when someone grabs your lead Magnet or registers for your training if You're doing that or whatever the case May be like are you jumping on camera And then on the thank you page I'm like Hey Stephen here from from whatever you Know whatever which is a Brand that I own then I'm I anyway I Love that name so Hey Stephen here from whatever it is I'm Really happy that you grabbed my opt-in Today But you've introduced yourself whereas a Lot of people who want to be an Affiliate marketer because I wanted to Be one when I first started before I got Into selling on Amazon but I didn't do It because I didn't have I didn't have Anything to share I'd have the Confidence I didn't understand how the Whole thing worked right but I I was I Genuinely want to sell on Amazon the

Point is that you should get in front of People as soon as you can I know it can Be scary getting on camera but I'm Telling you now I think that's one of The critical uh reasons why people open My emails because they know how I am There's it's not like some Steve and I've never heard of you before I I grab The lead magnet and like you just had a Thank you page with some text on it no Like you took the time to have a video And if you're scared get over it that's What I'm gonna tell you get over it Because it's such a big opportunity just To be a person and you can really share Your journey if you're a straight-up Affiliate share your journey like hey This is something that I've been doing For the last couple years I'm learning From amazing people in Industry people Like Igor Keith it's people hey Steven Over here these are people who I'm Learning from and what my goal is I'm Not trying to be like them I'm trying to Share with you the stuff that I'm Learning the things that make the most Sense the things that helped me a lot And in doing so I'm going to talk about Their different products we're going to Talk about what they're doing and if you See value grab it or whatever whatever Your script's going to be my point is Though get on front of people and then When they see your name in the email in

Email inbox they know who you are and They want to open because like oh I Wonder why Igor's got going on share Parts of your life in your emails which We can talk about like people know about My family they know I just had a child At the time of recording they know that I like playing golf they know that I'm Into music I used to play music right They know things about me I'm a human And I think Igor that's something that's Missing a lot of time is the human Element right Yeah I would say personality I think I think you've got an amazing Super likable super easy going Personality both in your marketing and In real life like you're actually super Genuine like the way you come across Your emails and the way you're on your In your real life is absolutely the same Super genuine excited high energy just Somebody who's a pleasure to be around And somebody who sort of um People orbit around him you know like You don't meet people like that uh too Often so I would consider that to be a Superpower because most people I meet Aren't like that but I think it can be Created through uh right writing Techniques or content producing Techniques you can actually create it And one of the things that you can Create it with is storytelling you

Mentioned storytelling briefly but I Think it's such an essential part of Um any type of information driven Business That or even any business really because Information can be applied as a Marketing tool to pretty much anything Else I mean I learned storytelling the First time I learned the importance of It when I was listening to Dan Kennedy I Noticed he was telling lots of stories And then he had a program which ended up Getting like a bootleg version of it Because I simply couldn't afford a Program like that at the time uh so I Went on a touring site And I found the recordings it's Basically it's called the influential Writing Workshop I don't know if you've Ever have you ever You have it yeah oh bro I studied them In the heavily yes yes so that program Was my first and only I guess exposure That I ever needed to storytelling and It he does such a great job breaking Down everything that you need to put in Your copy stories newsletters emails at The time you know he didn't talk about Email but email was same as any Newsletter and um it's it's personality And copy it's basically your personality And uh when people talk about building a Relationship with their list the list That lack the relationship part are

Usually lists that show no personality Whatsoever and what's you said something About getting in front of people and That's actually something I see that People refuse to do a lot especially Affiliate marketers who really want to Be Incognito invisible right A lot of Them actually still hold on to day jobs And and they can't uh risk it because if They are discovered online be like Shooting videos you know so uh even if You create a that this is where the Personality stuff actually comes in Because even if you created an Elias or A pen name let's say my name is Igor Kefitz and I can't afford to publicly Post anything because the NDA on my work Contract as a coder says so right so I Can create a a an Elias of um Ellen Bulkman or something and I can write as Alan but I can still inject my Personality traits into the copy of Course talk about my love for video Games talk about you know the the Challenges of Parenthood or the rough Patch in my marriage that I've gone Through you know a couple years ago like If I talk about that even if it's a Made-up person the feelings that this Stuff elicits are real and the Personality is real too so you end up Benefiting by creating this relationship I I liked it yeah what I would say to That too is there's a great marketing uh

Tip I learned years ago at a event I was At and uh the guy said you know don't Fix it feature it and I really like that You know because in marketing a lot of Times we try to fix things right I hide This or do that but what if you Literally like told people hey like Here's the situation I'm in I work in a Job it's quite a high pressure job but This is something I'm doing so that you Know blah blah blah blah tell your story A little bit and be like so so you could Tell people that that's the situation Like if you don't have to but you could Do that like you could literally tell People like I work in this job and part Of my job is that I have to sign the San Diego says I can't whatever whatever so I decided to talk to you and blah blah Blah blah like you could you could do That again it's not the perfect idea but It's something that you could do and There's a guy called Kyle cease uh he's A comedian he was at funnel hacking live One year some of you may have been to The clickfunnels event and he he was Talking about something similar and he Was like one of the things he said which Was really interesting was he's like man Ever I'm in a conversation with somebody If I don't know what to say I just say exactly what's on my mind so For instance if I was talking to you Igor and I was like we're chatting and

Like I don't know what to say I'll be Like I gotta tell you something I know It sounds really weird but I literally Don't know what to say I I I I have no Idea what to talk about today and tell Me something about you you know so in Other words like you literally say What's on your mind and you really put That out there and I think that's part Of what I do a lot of as well I say What's on my mind a lot I just talk and I I don't have any fear of like people Thinking one thing or another and and I Gotta say my on my well my dear friends Kailyn the guy over here in Ireland Really one of my best friends in the World he he talked to me about this Years ago and this was when I was maybe Three years into building Marketplace Superheroes and he's like man you got to Be more yourself like you're a little Bit too much like you're you're trying To put on some kind of like Professionalism or something he's like Just be you like people are gonna like You for you and I was really afraid of That and I have to say from the time I Did that and just leaned into people are Gonna like me for who I am I just have To go for it and not be afraid uh it's Made all the difference to me so look There's a few ideas for you this if You're listening today hopefully you're Not in that situation in general and if

You are by the way Um Igor's the guy to help you get out of That quickly because you don't want to Be stuck like that forever that's for Sure Yeah that's for sure you know when I got Into it I was really afraid of that what You just mentioned of being yourself and Letting your um your personality and you Know shine through your copy or your Emails or your whatever Um I really always thought of myself as A really really boring person But what I didn't what I didn't realize Is that most people live a boring life And a boring life too can be a relatable One And uh this is Um when you're creating a relationship With your list in my opinion this is What you're going for a lot of people Think oh it's about making the next big Claim you know I haven't made a million Dollars I can't be making claims or I Haven't lost a million pounds you know And then three weeks but it's certainly Not about that it's more about is this Person relatable and are they real Because the moment you answer these Questions and the moment you kind of Convey that to your audience it almost Doesn't matter what you're selling you Know I was having a conversation a Couple years back with um a really

Famous copyrighter uh Paris I don't want To butcher his last name but it's he's Greek you know what I've been talking About I'm actually speaking in an event with Him later this year later this year yeah Yeah so so he said something that some Um some list owners or some people who Own lists the relationship they have With their list is so good they trust The guru so much that they can wipe Their ass on a piece of paper mail it And they'll still make money you know he Was that blatant about it he likes to Use word pictures as he calls them right Which which is to say that if you've Established this trust and and and Personality and you're and you're real With your list in a way where people Feel you and relate to you and they Don't question your agenda even if You're selling something you're just Openly stating that you are and that's Cool people find you so attractive and They like you so much that they're Pretty much willing to do business with You just because there's something that You offer for no other reason I I listen I fully agree and people Tell me all the time You know Stephen and Robert you know That's my other business partner are Stephen or whatever like people always Say to me

I don't know why but I can just trust You I just know I can trust you I've had That said to me countless times over the Years which I love by the way I mean That's a huge deal because trust is Everything and I remember when I used to Read all these affiliate marketing Things and I never did anything with Them and I first started out years ago You know like a rich jerk and all that Stuff you know all those funding Programs I a lot of those guys were Talking about trust right Um but and they would say things like oh When you're affiliate if you have trust Like they're going to listen to your Recommendations and buy from you and all Of that so true but people don't go the Full They don't go the full way on it they'll Just say something like that and be like Oh yeah now just keep emailing the Now right that kind of thing right Rather than go on let's not just email all the time let's email like Stories let's get people to know me let Me put together uh free guides like Regularly like let me let me put in the Effort because just kind of moving on a Little bit and talking about when we When we are an affiliate because we do Promote other people's programs only a Few times a year and and Igor you know This because you only see us show up on

A leaderboards a couple times a year but When we do it we treat it like our own Product number one And also we're really like huge on let's Give as much value as we can up front to Our tribe because we've if we're Promoting something that means we Believe in it we believe it's the right Thing and now like I've gone the full Way like even now we're going to promote Something I think you are as well Igor I'm not sure in the new in the New Year The time of recording and like we've Literally put somebody on and I do not Look forward to defeating against you Man I I am seriously not looking forward To that No but like we we put in the effort to Do that like this guy we've got a guy Who we pay he's gone now and he's doing The thing he's getting results or sales Or whatever he's getting he's he's doing Well I don't want to talk too much just In case Um but just to say like he's gone and Doing the thing and now we'll share that With our tribe here are the results Here's what happened because when it Comes to trust we have promoted things In the past which I won't mention what And we didn't put in that level of Effort and the products were not right For our tribe and we lost a lot of People over that people got really

Annoyed and they felt like you know we Didn't um value their trust but the Reality was we did a lot of research on The products we knew the people creating Them we saw them they were really good And the reality was the products were Actually good it's just that ever they Weren't right for our tribe with the Beliefs that our tribe had so we learned That lesson whereas in uh was it last Last year time record recording well say 2021 let's just call it oh no you Mentioned actual date this is not live Guys we've ruined it all for you so 2021 We promoted the plan which was a crypto Offer and uh we did two promotions for That and then we generated nearly two Million dollars like I said at the top Of the uh the call today but it was Different people loved it because we had Done we had done it so everything we Literally shared our results we showed People what we were doing we shared Everything and so when it came to Actually promote the offer people were Like well look I see the guys are Getting results with that uh I I we Obviously I don't know if you're gonna Get the same as us better or worse I Don't know like I'm not you but I really Like this thing I think it's really Interesting uh have a listen see what You think and that's now how I promote Things pretty much look I have done

Something with it here's what it looks Like here's why I think it's a really Good thing if it's not for you no Problem but here's why I really like it And I'm gonna do it because if I'm not Doing it well then why the hell would I Ask them to do it and that's another Thing that bothers me in general about The industry there's just a lot of People are like it you know give me the Links I'll promote it and it's like but Have you like looked into the product Have you have you done your due Diligence because if you lose the trust Of the people and I don't call it list By the way and it's cool if you do call It list I have no problem with that but I call it a tribe if you lose the VA the The trust with the tribe it is game over For you like I've there's a certain Somebody uh who is in our industry and Was recently gotten some trouble with The authorities and that person's dumb Now this game over flat person you know From a from a public perspective you Know Yeah yeah I know I know who you're Talking about Um and um yeah it does happen it does Happen and I like that you call your List a tribe I think it it really shows How you treat them too I don't remember Where I read it but I think Mark Manson Said it in his book um

The subtle art Manson yeah I think he wrote something About the solution to all your life's Problems is to starting a cult you know But the coldest two powerful of a word With a negative connotation I think a Tribe is a much better word and if you Do have a tribe even if it's only a Thousand people maybe even 300 good People that hang on your every word You're pretty much set for life now you Were you managed to build a tribe much Larger than that and obviously your Results are showing and it's amazing man Like you're uh you're a true role model Uh who leads the way for this industry That we should learn from and um I'm Really grateful for you to have spent Time on the show a little bit you know Breaking things down for us Well look that's very nice here to say Um I'm happy to I love talking about This stuff as you can probably guess and I talk all day about it because I just I'm passionate about it I'm passionate About the people that we work with and We serve I'm passionate just about this Industry and I I hope I never lose that And uh you know and I just want you to Know something else as we as we are Wrapping up or whatever today it's like I've not had it easy the entire time I've gone through a lot of difficulties In business you know uh even as much as

Last year we we had issues post code but You know what our freight company and Stuff like that and like I talk about These things like I'm transparent with My tribe I tell people what's going on And sometimes you know that doesn't work With people they don't like it they're Not happy and they leave the tribe That's totally cool but I'd much prefer To have these things and be open and Talk about what's going on then for People just not to know who the hell we Are and what we're about so I'll just Say in closing to you listening today You might be way behind where I am quote Unquote but I started out just the same As anybody else I had no I had not one Person an email list when I started and You know now we have something really Big but I'm doing this 12 years now you Know I'm not doing this zero years and I'm actually doing Marketplace Superheroes and like being in the Internet marketing industry for um eight Years now you know so nearly nine years So like I I'm here a little while so Like don't be hired in yourself if You're not generating like hundreds of Thousands a year or whatever just yet What I would say to you is just focus And look back at what we're talking About today think about really being the Biggest advocate for your tribe you Possibly can be and if you're not where

You want to be at but you're sharing Other people's products just know that You're not the one who's doing the Selling at the end of the day you're the One who's building the relationship and Then you're pointing people across to Amazing offers that you know get people Great results so there's no pressure on You the only thing you got to focus on Is being a real person being in front of Your Market consistently and just Putting good stuff out there and that's The game that is the game Yeah and ask people to whitelist your Email that's that's also kind of Important but I know I'm just kidding uh Thank you so much thanks for dispensing All this incredible advice and uh I Think it's definitely one for the books I want to listen and to re-listen to Every now and again uh some Timeless Wisdom there Um hopefully unless they change Something and kill email which I hope Doesn't happen because that would that Would suck for all of us so I know you Get nothing to sell But if somebody was like you know I Really like this Steven guy and you know I really want to check him out where can They go maybe your YouTube channel maybe like where can We go Yeah definitely go to my play

Superheroes and there's and jump on the Email list you know you can watch what We're doing you know like see what we're Up to how are we doing things if that's What you'd like to do a lot of my Friends do that now they're like oh I Was watching they're all watching our Promotions now it's just so funny but it Definitely is happening now which is Good I do the same thing by the way to My other friends so totally cool and so Feel free to do that and yeah that your YouTube channel it's all obviously us Teaching our various Amazon models that We do but like I think you'll get an Education by just looking at what we do And how we do it and uh definitely watch Our we do a monthly promotion most Months for something be their own Programs uh and from time to time Somebody else's and I do think you'll Learn a lot there because I have learned A lot from others and I continue to do So I I still have mentors I still have Coaches I am still learning just like You are so yeah go there check it out And I am considering building this Website which I bought the Domain I kind of like that name but There's nothing on there yet but that's Something in the future who knows if This is a time capsule maybe I'll have Done some of them in the future and you

Can check it out then so there you go All right man well you got it thank you So much uh again for taking the time I Know uh it's it's like anytime I hit you Up you're like either hosting a webinar Or building an offer or building an Offer on the webinar like there's always Something happening with you're so Active and it it's really incredible to To watch your work and yes I'm on your List and I Spy on what you do uh so uh There we go guys check out if it is available if It is up if not then head over to get on Steven's list uh study him Uh do you know put him under a Microscope put him in a lab put them in A jar uh you know white label those Emails label them with something like Study this and put them in a special Folder print them out do whatever you Need to do this guy knows exactly what He's doing and uh he's a true Powerhouse In our industry that's now grown to a Size much larger than some of the people That have been following for decades so Uh Stephen again thanks so much for Taking the time Uh for to for you know to record this Episode and uh until next time we chat Have a good one

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