How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Day With CPA Marketing With Aidan Booth

Foreign Lifestyle I'm your host Igor K fetz and Today I'm hosting one of the biggest Affiliate marketers in the world who Also happens to be a kick-ass Entrepreneur in every possible way shape And form he is a multiple time ClickBank Number one vendor I and I think this is Arguably I don't have the the data to Back this up but arguably the number one Vendor in ClickBank history he released Multiple uh programs you might have Heard of things like Niche blueprint the 100K Factory the seven figure cycle the Kibo code which is most recent that You've probably seen before because Everyone and their brother promoted it And he is also a successful offline Business owner where he's got products Sold in over 20 000 stores offline Across 56 countries and most recently He's been focused on CPA marketing and His recent project has been bringing him Thousands of dollars every single day With CPA which is what we're going to Focus on today so please help me welcome Aiden Booth Aiden welcome to the list Building lifestyle hey pleasure to be Here I've been looking forward to Finally being able to get on your show Awesome well dude you're you're in the Right place because uh this audience This show is all about making money it's All about Freedom it's all about control

Over your life by the virtue of having More money and being location Independent and CPA marketing is a model I think it's one of the oldest models Online but it's still one that has the This this cloak of mystery around Because anyone who figures out CPA Doesn't go around showing it to other People these are underground people you Never hear or see I know there's this One guy here in Toronto Who I was introduced a couple years ago Who was doing like 100 000 A Day In AD Spend promoting I I don't even know what He wouldn't tell me so like there's People out there you never heard of them And they're doing ridiculous numbers Which you know you are probably either On the way to becoming one of them or You already are and you're just not Telling us so to start I want to bring Our members up to speed on what is CPA Marketing And how is it different from classic Affiliate marketing situation where you Would go on ClickBank or digistore pick Up an affiliate link and just run with It yeah so CPA marketing is about I mean It's cost per action and it's about Getting paid uh for an action that Someone that comes to your website takes And that action as opposed to affiliate Marketing traditional affiliate Marketing someone comes to your website

They buy something when they buy Something you get a commission when You're doing CPA marketing you don't Even have to sell anything because you Can get paid for information that you Are able to gather from people that come To your website so that could be a zip Code it could be just an email address It could be just a phone number and when You gather this information you're able To get paid really good money for it While simultaneously building up an Audience as well so I kind of feel like It's got the best of all worlds when it Comes to affiliate marketing uh it's Definitely its own little subset and Like you said it is shrouded in a little Bit of mystery but um it's definitely an Area of affiliate marketing that's been Incredibly valuable to us over the years Yeah in many respects I think CPA when It comes to volume is bigger than Affiliate marketing because uh companies Like Max Bounty which is one of the Biggest CPA networks out there you know They do well over 12 20 mil a year in Probably 200 million a year last time I Checked because we actually looked into Starting a CPA Network at one point but Decided not to and it's a big big big Space and what I like what I really like About it is That you like you said you don't really Have to sell anything like with

Affiliate marketing it's a very Straightforward model you you sell you Eat you don't you don't eat right like You make a sale you get that commission But here you can truly promote things Like Insurance offers you know car Dealers Um mortgage applications right that Doesn't necessarily need to be a Monetary exchange for you to make a lot Of money right yeah exactly so a classic Example might be uh you know someone in Florida is looking to get a home loan And maybe they weren't qualifying for One with a local bank however you might Be able to connect that person with a Range of companies that could give them A home loan so in that regard what we're Really doing is playing a connector role And providing real value large value for Someone who needs you know something to Be solved another example of that a Personal example so I do quite a bit in Real estate and I've got real estate in Manhattan but I cannot get mortgages With most of the mainstream USA Banks uh Because they are more suited to people Who are in the United States I'm not in The United States I'm kind of like a Special case but there are still Banks Out there that will work with me Um and do great terms and everything so If someone can connect me with them then It's kind of a one-win and in our CPA

Marketing business we really are that Connector we are the ones that can Um provide Or be the bridge to a solution to a Problem that someone may be having and That's why when we say you don't need to Sell anything uh genuinely you are not Selling anything you're never saying hey Go and buy this or hey go and do this You're just serving up a solution to a Problem that people are searching for a Solution to No that's that's that's pretty crazy uh Because Um the scale you know this model it has A scale like you can you can truly scale This beyond what most businesses can Possibly do and you can do it while Being a one-man or a one-woman show You you really don't necessarily need a Huge team uh you probably need to master A couple of uh you know uh skill sets Like you you do need to understand what The tracking software is and how to pass A pixel and stuff like that which is Very learnable If you're just willing to sit down and Watch like maybe 30 minutes worth of YouTube videos Um but the the amount of money you could Be making uh doing virtually no work is Uh ridiculous just absolutely ridiculous Now My question to you is this so you

Already have a bunch of really cool Businesses you you've got a big team You've got real estate Investments like Why did you why did you decide to get Into CPA now So actually CPA marketing was one of the Very first things I got into way back in 2006 we purchased a website which was Monetized by CPA marketing and I think We purchased it for I want to say about Forty thousand dollars at the time and Over the following five years that Website probably made us about half a Million dollars just by sit and forget And the method that that website used Way back way back then in 2006 is almost Identical to what we're doing today now Some of the traffic sources have changed Some of the ways we build our websites Have obviously changed but the Methodology and the Simplicity has Stayed the same so I think CPA marketing Has if not the first was definitely Within the first couple of businesses That I started online and it's been you Know good to me and it's been growing uh Pretty much ever since No that's uh that's crazy now a lot of People listening to this are probably Brand new to CPA marketing and uh they They don't necessarily even know where To start and I know that one of the Bigger challenges uh for a brand new Person is to is to First find the

Reliable CPA Network to even work with Because there are tons of flyby night You know one one man or one woman Operations people just quite literally Put up a page but it's not really a Network as much as it is some dude and His mom's basement and you know hitting People up on LinkedIn asking asking them For offers so How would you go about Um vetting the the CPA networks because That would be a big deal when it comes To setting like a really solid Foundation for your C you know the CPA Marketing business Um you're definitely right about one Thing that there are a lot of cowboys Out there that have got their own CPA Networks um in fact anyone can sort of Set up their own CPA Network we've got a CPA network of our own which is uh very Sort of high level for people that are Spending thousands and thousands of Dollars per day Um however there are many sort of Mainstream options out there there are Hundreds of them Max Bounty is one that You mentioned a while ago we've got Um a very very good relationship with Them because we are one of their highest Earners on on the platform Um but there are many many more so Commission uh ClickBank for example are Now starting to do a lot of offers that

Are around or would payouts around CPA Marketing I think if I was just getting Started though I would probably head Towards uh Max Bounty and and have a bit Of A browse through The different offers that they've got There and then from there it's really a Case of Building a website Um that presents that offer in some way And driving traffic to it And and would you see that once you've Found a good Network Um like you can just randomly pick an Offer or is there in you know I don't Mean to get too technical because I know You've got a program coming out no That's fine I love this stuff and I Could talk about it all day so we can Dive as deep okay all right then we're Going to pick your brain so here's the Best stuff Um so once we we're on the network right Uh we then we're going to be so let's Take Max Bounty I remember going on Max Bounty dude there's like there's like a Million different offers there are Dozens of different niches Um and everything looks sexy right There's like high epcs the numbers are Jumping at you how do you go about now That you have so much experience with This how do you go for how do you pick

An offer uh to promote well the first Thing that you want to sort of get a Grip around and understand are the Different metrics that are at your Disposal One thing that a lot of people look at Is the earnings per per commission and Some offers could pay you hundreds of Dollars for each commission and others Might pay you one dollar per commission But there's no there's no rule to say That the one that pays you hundreds of Dollars is going to actually make you More than the one that pays you one Dollar so there are lots of little Caveats to look at but fortunately we Are given a lot of metrics that show us What the most profitable offers are Across the board what we tend to do is Apply somewhat of a shotgun approach and We will select A series maybe five different offers to Test and we can test them very quickly Because the websites that we're building Are sort of they tend to be sort of very Small websites things we can whip up Quickly I mean our websites might have 20 to 30 words on them that's that might Be the extent of what the the landing Page has Um and then because that's so quick we Can Um turn on the traffic and see results In 24 hours and we're going to know by

Doing that and and just by spending a Very small amount of money which are the Ones that are showing the most promise And then we can start doubling down on Them so I guess to answer your question We start off by looking at some of the Basic metrics but we take them with a Grain of salt because they can sometimes Be a little bit skewed depending on you Know the type of selling that's going on With them for example if a massive Traffic Source started Promoting one offer it could massively Skew the the metrics doesn't mean it's Going to work for you but anyway you Look at the look at the offers look at The metrics with the grain of salt Choose five or six almost at random but You know amongst the best that you can Identify on there uh run some test Traffic see which ones are the most Promising and then double down and see If you can optimize for those Okay yeah sounds good and you probably Always want to be testing because Looking at the numbers that whoever's Giving you for whatever reason you know I'm big on the in the webinar space and Webinars also come with metrics you know People talk about epcs or imperative Attendee earning for registering Registration rate things like that and Um you know these these numbers Oftentimes I would look at other

People's webinars and their numbers It almost seems like if I were to send 10 clicks to that webinar I'm going to Make a million dollars you know but you Know there's been there's been lots of Times when I I've channeled a lot of Traffic to to someone's webinar and I Walked away with very little show for it Just recently actually I sent 13 000 Clicks uh to a webinar that performed uh Let's just let's just say Poorly you know like I don't want to Underwhelming curse today but it was Just Underwhelming yes uh definitely uh did Not meet my expectations personally for My experience but you know the initial Impression based on the numbers that I Was presented it was like wow like this Is a no-brainer like all I need to do is Just load the email and just hit send And money will come out you know jumping At me from my screen it's just it's a No-brainer but it's definitely not the Case so you you always want to uh run Some tests now you said you you test Things very quickly you've got a an Approach to building a relatively small Website so I'm assuming these are one Pagers just like a landing page so would You mind sharing with us Um how much like how much traffic do you Tend to drive to a landing page Um to test it out and to say okay well

You know what this looks good we're Going to scale this or oh this looks Like it's crap and we're not gonna scale This yeah sure so um In terms of budget it does depend a Little bit on the amount of money that You're going to get paid back from an Offer so if it's an offer that pays very Low commissions like uh let's say one Dollar per action then if you're Spending 20 or 30 bucks in in traffic You should know how how that's going to Go for you if it's an offer that's going To pay you 50 or 100 in commissions then You might need to spend more like 50 to 100 to be able to give enough traffic to Be able to make a statistically Significant decision Um or Um yeah decision about whether or not There's an offer that you're going to be Able to optimize but we're not talking Megabucks I mean typically we would Spend under 100 for each test so if We're testing four uh different products You know it's going to be anywhere Between maybe a hundred dollars at the Low end to test all four of them up to About 400 at the high end but there's a Lot that you can do to Mitigate risks and also you know Understand that if an offer doesn't work You don't lose all the money if you Might spend fifty dollars and make

Twenty five dollars back it hasn't been Profitable but you haven't lost Everything and in most cases there's a Good amount of optimization that can be Done to to make sure that you know You're testing in a way that really is Stacking the odds of success you know Mostly as high as they can possibly be In your favor Okay that's fair enough now this is just Me being curious are there any niches or Offers that you never touch like Something that you look at and you're Like there's no way this is gonna work Or you're gonna look at that and you're Like you get the gag reflex it's like ah This is too yucky I don't want to touch It like is there anything like that yeah So I think um what tends to happen with CPA marketing is you don't need many Niches to build an absolutely massive Business I mean um you could just have One Niche and that could be earning you Tens of thousands of dollars per day and Saying that I have done my first year of Testing over the years and one of the Ones that I put a bit of energy into Trying to get working which I never Really cracked the code on was home Insurance uh so I'm not sure why that That is it just didn't work for me it's Not to say that it wouldn't work for Someone else I do know people that make Hundreds of thousands of dollars a month

Uh in in home insurance but it's been One that you know given my experience I've tried it a few times I probably Wouldn't try it again Um but thankfully like I say I mean once Once you've found one or two offers that Convert I mean that's really all you Need Is there a limit though like um Is there a cap to how much you're Allowed to make with a single offer Because Um when you know when I when I think About our experience with CPA marketing You know at one point we decided to Start leveraging CPA as a vendor and so We created a CPL affiliate program I Actually went on to teach a program That I still teach called Elite traffic Pro where I show how we're using CPA Marketing to generate leads and to only Pay for the good leads and to not pay For the crappy leads and you know we Generate incredible results so we've Built a list well over one million People doing that Um but when we allow other people to run Us We actually kept them you know we say You know what we don't know you So we'll only let you drive 300 leads Before we have to you know evaluate Um your your quality yeah we haven't um Really come across the the capping issue

Uh ourselves Um What I will say is that the benefit I Think of if you find an offer that works Really really well if you can double Down in that then you can really get a Foothold in that Niche because we're not Just talking about making a commission One time when someone submits their zip Code or something we're talking about Actually sure getting that commission But also capturing the the email address If that's part of what's being shared And then being able to nurture that Relationship so if we are in the car Insurance space for example uh or the Mortgage space then Um you know we could have a whole list Of people who are interested in car Insurance and there's not just one offer That we could send in where there's lots Of different things we could send them And it's no longer just limited to CPA Marketing income either so that's I Think the benefit of doubling down in One Niche there's absolutely no issue With having multiple niches going at the Same time you're certainly not limited Um by what you can do I just think in my Experience you know when I've applied That focus and really tried to focus in On just a couple of niches I've done I've done better with it You know you mentioned two really big

Points most CPA marketers don't build a List and it seems like you do which I Think is a big difference maker because When you're building that audience Um you can like you said you can go back Again and again with more offers and you Know this reminds me of what Credit Karma does Ever since I moved to Canada I've Discovered what what the heck credit Score is and I signed up for Credit Karma and you know basically to stay up To date with my score and I noticed that Credit Karma continuously emails me with Different offers they're like hey based On your credit score here are 17 credit Cards that you can apply for and I bet They got a CPA relationship with those Credit card companies where for every One person who applies or gets approved They make a lot of money so like a Company like Credit Karma builds a list And makes money through CPA and it's Like the largest credit related company In the world uh which I find fascinating That they build their entire business on The CPA model which I think Um kind of clearly tells you that how Legit it has become now now I know we're Short on time and I would love to keep Picking your brain because this is stuff Extremely extremely extremely Interesting Um however I know we can't because

You're a busy guy so I did arrange Though a training that we're going to be Doing together where we're going to have A deep dive into CPA marketing together And you guys listening to this if you're Interested in CPA marketing if you're Interested in finding out how Aiden Actually makes thousands of dollars Every single day uh just passive on top Of everything else he's got going on and Trust me he's got going on a lot then You should go to CPA And register for the free training right Now okay so again if you're interested In learning more about how you can make Money with CPA marketing then the link Is CPA and you'll be invited to Your free training that I'm doing with Aiden about his method traffic sources Landing pages offer selection and Everything in between that's important To building a highly profitable and Highly scalable CPA marketing business So we have to rip up but before we do Aiden maybe one last tip Or an embarrassing story about CPA Marketing and your experience with it I Will say that um if people can tune into The the workshop that we're going to do I'm going to be able to show my screen And show you a lot of the things that We've been talking about so you're going To be able to see the offers see how we Select them see how much money we're

Making and just see how simple uh the Whole thing is so we'll be able to get Into detail and answer all of your Questions on that if you're able to Attend I think one last tip people Really underestimate Um the the value of the back end of the Email list you spoke about this and how You saw Credit Karma using it we make More profit on the back end than the Front end you could run this where the Only profit you were making was from the Commissions that you make on the front End but if you're doing that you're Going to be leaving so much money on the Table and the two things actually play Together nicely so when you build a back End and by that I'm talking about Building an email subscriber list you Can make so much more money and it's Really no extra effort at all so I think If you ever do dive into CPA marketing You should do it with that in mind and Make sure you don't miss out on that Opportunity it took me a good part about Two years before I started building my Email list and to this day it's probably Been the biggest mistake that I made and This is going back to way back to 2006 When we bought when I bought a um a CPA Website I was not collecting the emails And I missed out on probably 100 000 Plus email subscribers in a very uh Lucrative Niche which was actually in

The credit space as well so uh you know There's a mistake and a tip uh double Combo there for you Oh yeah I mean you don't have to Convince the listeners of this show on The virtues of building your list Because I've been now doing that for Some time every every time they get on The show it's like hey guys and by the Way you should build a list no seriously No matter the model you're using whether CPA or anything else building a list is The single most profitable thing you can Do long term To guarantee that whatever you're doing Is actually profitable and it has Longevity in it it has a Runway because It's nice to make money it's nice to Have a chunk of money come in but it's Even nicer when you can make another Chunk of money come in the next day by Sending out an email So I think that's that's a really good Point thank you for that so again guys The training that I'm doing with Aiden Real soon is coming up and you should go To CPA right now to sign up to The training there's also a link in the Description and a link in the show notes If you go to our website list Buildinglifesto and with that Said Aiden thank you so much for carving Out Um 30 minutes to sit down with me I

Really appreciate it I know you're so Busy And I look forward to the training that We're going to be doing together and to Learning more from you about how we can Kick some ass with CPA thanks for having Me Igor and I look forward to chatting To you more about this soon thanks guys

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