How To Grow Your Business Exponentially

To create a brand please write this down It's not doing a bunch of things it used To do the same thing and you say the Same thing again and again and again and Again right and again even you're sick And tired of it you still say that again And again and again and again and again We're gonna make your offer repeatable What's the word Because when it's not repeatable it's Not scalable If every single time you sit down with a Prospect you got to do a different pitch It's not scalable you gotta change your Message it's not scalable it should be The same message the same pitch the same Funnel the same process you just do it 10 20 30 50 100 times again and again And again that's how you scale six Figure To seven figure to eight figure is not Doing a bunch of things it's you found Your core offer and it's selling let's Do that a thousand times are you with me That's the difference people think if This thing is not working let me sell More things if this thing is not working Why you want to sell more things you got To fix this thing so it sells or you got To find ways to sell this thing but we Don't like to do that we like let me Come up with 50 other things to sell how Do you think I know that I made that mistake

Right it's like it's it's like this is Not working let me try something else That also doesn't work So question Seafood so I have a brick And mortar obviously scaling to online But should the offer itself be identical In a way Theme you're talking about that's two Different businesses right well yes but Still in the same Health and Wellness So it would be the same brand Yes you could have different products But the offer itself let's say we were Talking about like if you're selling Your tea right that's one core thing we Want to figure out that one thing and Just sell that you bring people in with Your core offer you sell them everything Else afterwards What you don't want to do is let me push A hundred things in the marketplace Because each thing requires effort You think about all your energy right if Like oh it's all like this your Marketing dollars your team your effort It goes like this versus hey let me Bring people in like this And it doesn't mean it's to stop here But that core product is the key figure Out that one thing first Get very good at selling that one thing It's like sometimes I sit down with with Experts and business owners and they've Been selling the city they sell a few

Million billion bucks a year and I'll Sit down with them and I'll look at the Offer well clearly it's okay it's Selling this sell few million bucks a Year that's good and they like I I know My business is not growing I think I Think I've saturated my market It's like okay You've saw a few million bucks worth of Your stuff How big is your Market oh it's it's a It's it's a it's a 10 billion dollar Market Explain to me how you've saturated your Market again well you know I've been Doing marketing online social media Everybody knows me everybody knows you Like you mean the two billion that you Could get you saw a few million bucks Everybody knows you Wow not everybody but a lot of people a Lot of people because if a lot of people Lose you you should be selling a hundred Million not two three million that's not True So we we come up with this thing in our Heads like oh everybody no it's not true At all so then usually I said hey how About take what you offer and let's Tweak the messaging and bring in Different people you're still selling The same thing suddenly you're going Into a slightly different Market Different appeal right

But we don't want to change this this is Why we're going to spend day one on this You don't want to change this thing now For some you got to find that offer Market Fit until it fits you can scale We're going to do that but for some You've got something that works don't Change this Just keep doing it again and again and Again but find different ways of selling Does that make sense Most pieces stay small because they have One Way write this down of selling many Things So let's take Right let's say six figure Seven figure And egg figure The pattern you would see is usually the Six figure people They have one way meaning one way of Bringing in clients And they kind of like squeeze them in And try to sell Everything they've got That's why they stay small they've got One way of acquiring customers and Sometimes unfortunately I asked them how Do you acquire customers if they say Anything like word of mouth and referral It means that they don't know how to Acquire customers That's called hope And hope is not a strategy

If they cannot tell me how to get Acquired customers if they say anything Like oh yeah I Wait for them to call That that's not a strategy right at Seven figures usually right you see that They have one solid way right one way of Bringing customers and they sell them One thing and then they have another Solid way of selling them something Higher ticket Right so they have a good way of Generating lead and then ascending those Leads So the front end the back end which I'll Teach you right Egg figure business They have multiple ways of selling one Thing So they have multiple multiple ways of Generating leads and then ascending them To high ticket That's the pattern But first depends on where you are you Got to figure out what's the one way First which I'll give you all of that This is this is what we're going to walk Through right in the next Three days I'll show you exactly how I Do that but for now just understand the Concept you understand you're with me so Far yeah right so knowing you don't want To sell a whole bunch of things up front So one thing it's difficult enough to

Just crack the code for one thing But we want to do new stuff you don't Want to need new stuff you want to do Good stuff You want to do repeatable stuff [Music]

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