Going From Broke To Internet Millionaire In 2 Years With Andrei Yermejev

Foreign Lifestyle I'm your host Igor kfetz and Today I'm hosting Andrea germanjev Um who's actually just been approved for A two comma Club award for making a Million dollars with high ticket Affiliate marketing this guy used to Wait tables and be in a restaurant Business and in just six months from Starting his affiliate business he went On to quit his nine to five and go full Time online so if there is anyone I'm Excited to interview it's him because This show is all about more lifestyle Higher quality of life higher income Without having to make sacrifices of Your healthy relationships or anything Else that you know you consider uh a Success metric so Andre welcome to the Liz building lifestyle thank you so much Diego for having me I'm excited to be Here awesome we're excited to host you Man so Um you've got a pretty crazy story and It all uh goes way way way back to World War II now obviously if you guys are Listening you're not watching this Podcast Um obviously Andrea is not like you know 122 years old or anything like that but The story is pretty fascinating so uh Tell us like where did it all begin yeah So it all started with my grandfather Right so if my grandfather is Russian

Um he was fighting on in World War II um With the Russian army but then it Happened to he got captured basically by The Nazis and then he was forced to Fight his own people basically in the Nazi side So from there you know he was in Concentration camps and he he got the Opportunity to flee the war And with a bunch of Russian people they Ended up getting inside a boat and the Goal for them was to go to Australia So go as far as that as far south as I Could go But what ended up happening is that they Ended up going to Peru just to get Supplies so as soon as they get there Everybody got out of the boat just to Get the supplies and as soon as as soon As they get out the ball leaves them and Every a bunch of Russian people got Stuck in Peru and then they didn't know The language they didn't know basically Anything right so they just had to make Their life there at least they were away From the war Yeah absolutely man it sounds like a Scene out of a movie you know uh Escape Captured betrayal but you know Peru Isn't like the worst place in the world To get stuck as a Russian because Um at the very least there's no uh Brutal Winters So you can be pretty resourceful

Yeah and um I guess the culture is great You know you get to have some fun dance Um so what happens next like uh what What how did you meet your uh Grandmother Yeah so they were basically taken by a Group of priests and in this priest knew The language they knew how to speak Russian and then they show all the Russian Community how to speak Spanish So from there you know he started Living His life there and working and he ended Up meeting my grandmother and from there My father was born Um but that that the only thing that Really stopped was that I was never able To actually meet him you know I wish I Actually met him but he actually passed Away when my dad was 17. Wow that's really is that was that some Sort of disease or yeah he he ended up Getting cancer Um so he died very young Um but I think that's why I like history So much just because I I remember the Stories that my dad would tell him tell Me about him and his story became Basically my favorite subject In school yeah yeah he sounds like a Role model I mean he didn't give up he Found a way out out of a really really Nasty situation so fast forward to my Guess is somewhere in 2020 You're miserable

Uh restaurant industry worker Who realizes nine to five sucks So you get into affiliate marketing so How did that happen Yeah so I was a restaurant manager for Over eight years and I did it all right Like wait tables I did a clean toilet I Did everything in the restaurant Um but then I got to the point where I Actually ended up having a family so I Met my wife in the restaurant and I Ended up having a daughter So from there I still did the restaurant Business for five years so I was I Basically missed so much of my Daughter's life because I was always at Work right and then I got to the point Where we I wasn't making enough money You know it ended up being that we were In so much debt and it was just not Working out so eventually we I started Looking online basically I was like oh How do I make money online so instead of Getting a second job I went on Google And I typed it in and then that's where I found this opportunity of affiliate Marketing And from there I just put my head down And I started learning and learning and Implementing everything that I was Learning And I started using social media to Promote the product that I was promoting And thankfully six months from there I

Was able to make more than what my Full-time income was making So then I realized that time was way More valuable than me basically killing Myself working at nine to five Right wow that's interesting so just Just a disclaimer or I guess the fine Print for you if you ever listen to the Show you know I'm not a big fan of Social media I don't have a huge social Media presence I don't really I burned Out real fast when I tried the social Media route Um with some of my coaching programs and I kind of abandoned that in favor of More automation However you know I've also recognized That there's more than one way to skin The cat of course and to each his own so While I'm not a big fan of social media It is fascinating that uh you've been Using 100 organic Uh Marketing in order to to build that Sort of income in fact in just One and a half years 18 months you went On to make your first million dollars Online yes and everything was with Organic traffic so no money on ads just Putting content out there and literally Is 5 to 15 second videos that I'm making Every single day Put it on social media In different platforms you know you have Tick Tock Instagram Facebook YouTube and

Be consistent and that's basically Everything that I done Well it's not and uh you know this is a Trend I've been seeing more and more on Social media we've started producing More content for social media Um and I'm noticing that that short form Content is getting way more exposure Like the algorithm just pushes that Content all the way through and you know I used to think short was just under a Minute but I'm realizing that a minute Might be long at this point like yep I Spoke to you and I spoke to a few other People who also do uh kind of similar Organic marketing and uh some of them Don't even talk in their videos they Just kind of Have a selfie video going for like 10 Seconds like this and then you know they Put a bunch of text on the on the video Uh with some music so now uh this I mean Short-term content is what's like 50 Like you said five to Fifteen seconds Yeah that's five that's what where we're At is a society now that's what we can't Even consume more than 15 seconds of Video content and you got to put it this Way right like people have short uh spam Of like you know attention spans right So the moment they see a video they Already wanna swipe right so the more Direct you keep it if maybe you have a Hook on the video it makes people

Actually watch the whole thing and then The whole thing is just gonna be 15 Seconds Yeah but it's it's crazy like what sort Of what sort of hook do you need to put Into a video or let me paraphrase that So I'm going to be the devil's advocate Here right I'm going to be trying to Poke holes in that strategy because It's you know my brain is still Struggling to accept it you know I'm I'm An old dog an Old Guard right so I've Been doing this for like 15 years I've Seen all kinds of iterations of social Media I started when social media was Myspace when everybody was friends with That guy Tom you know so we used to Build social media like these uh Myspace Profiles where we would like treat it Like a website you tell your whole story Put in some some of your interests and I Would kind of Just Produce them by hand That was before any kind of software was Invented and then you know I really Thought I hit the jackpot when somebody Come came up with a Facebook software That would automatically add friends and I abused it so much I got put in Facebook jail every now and again uh so That was my my social media exposure Early on and um back then video even Wasn't part of it unless you upload it To YouTube but it wasn't really that Connected now it seems like from what

I'm observing everything's shifting to Video video video is dominating over Text and Um short really really short form Dominates over long form unless you're An exception to the rule like Jill Rogan I guess but What sort of customers are you able to Generate if they're only watching five Seconds of you on screen and then moving On to something else like how do you Even how do you even get them to to to Get on your list or do you even build a List or is it more about having them Follow you and just watch a gazillion Videos until they finally decide to look You up on Google like how does that work Yeah so what people want to do basically They want to consume as much content as They can possibly get right so if you do If you post a video and it's really Interesting interesting in somebody else Then that person is most most likely Going to go to your profile and then They're gonna consume multiple videos of Your content like this doesn't happen With just one video so you gotta show a Lot of consistency through like maybe a Month right and then from there they're Gonna start digging into your content And then they're gonna start asking Questions like okay what is it that you Do right in some of my contents I'm also Sharing my story so when once you start

Sharing your story then that's how you End up getting your target audience Right so for example for me I worked in The food industry a lot of people also Work in the food industry that watch my Content and then they see that I got out Of the food industry so now they're Really interested in okay how can I also Get out of the food industry so then That's what I put in my content and then Eventually they ended up going to the Link on my bio and that's how I'm able To grow a list right so that's important You always have to grow a list because The thing about social media I'm sure That you already know that Accounts are easily banned accounts are Easily deleted accounts are easily Hacked in social media so the best thing That you can do is get them out of those Platforms and put them into your list Yeah absolutely absolutely so if it's Not a big secret Um what what's your list were you able To build in in the last uh 18 months Okay so what's up and down but uh Probably around 50 000 right now Yeah that's really good That's really good how often do you uh How often do you mail the list if they Are going through my sequence probably Like once every single day Um but then after that I try to email Them once a week maybe I could be doing

More but once a week is where I have my List after they're done with the Sequence of course right right and how Long is the sequence The sequence goes uh I have two sequence Going right now they usually go around 20 days for the first one and then the Second one is another 15 days so maybe Around a month Nice okay so you're putting people on Your list now as far as I know you're Not really allowed to to link out from Your videos on Tick Tock and other Platforms they don't like that Uh so what do you how do you get people To actually go and opt-in Yeah so I do have uh an opt-in website You know with the thank you page so Basically I focus on promoting one main Product Right right so that main product from There uh I make my content and then I Tell people either through messages Messages or through my content itself to Go to the link on my bio Um tiktok is at the hardest one to Message people and actually communicate With them so I try to get them off Tick Tock to go to go to Instagram so Instagram is so easy to just message People and it's so easy to just send the Link through the messaging as well so Then as soon as I have a conversation With Elite

Um at the end of the conversation I have Them actually go into my website so they Can up thing so my opt-in rate right now For somebody that goes into my funnel is Like above 80 just because I'm having Those conversations with people so Whoever goes on my website is most Likely gonna update because I already Built that report I already built um That conversation and then at that point They have seen so much of my content That they can actually trust me right Right and it's uh it's a personal thing Kind of dropping saying go opt-in which Is really interesting so you want to Tell me that in the last 18 months you Had over 50 000 Uh Instagram conversations Maybe more to be honest what maybe power How do you do it Yeah so so it just starts you know day By day at first I was horrible at Talking to people right like I didn't Know how to talk to them and everything But then after a while you you end up Getting like a small script right so That way you can go back to it and be Like okay well I know what to say now For somebody to go for a lead to convert To a cell So from there um Instagram has a cool way that you can Basically add like keywords on the Messages so if I put just one letter on

The messages messaging it can translate Into like a whole paragraph basically That I want to send out So you get them on Instagram Uh through Tick Tock but basically It still sounds very time consuming like Do you have all these conversations Yourself do you have like a network of Assistance right so at first it was all Me right I was just one-man show I think It was me until I made Maybe uh Multiple six figures so maybe I made Like 200k and it was still only me and I Was expecting I was spending like maybe Four to five hours a day just doing the Messaging and then I realized that okay Well I can spend my time somewhere else Uh better so I ended up hiring a VA so Now I have somebody that works for me And handles all the messaging for me and Then I get to focus on other areas for The business Right so just one VA to have all these Messages One VA all these messages she was for me Full time uh eight to no eight hours a Day and she's that's all she does There's a lot of traffic that happens in The accounts that is not so she's got Like four different social media Accounts open and people messaging and Her job is to get all of them to message You on Instagram where then she takes

Them and says hey opt-in here Right yeah first she has a conversation With them figures out it will be a good Match or not and yeah she follows my Script because I perfected my script and She goes from there and he basically Works the same if I was doing it Wow wow that is insane it's a great Great great system uh you must have must Have really figured it out with that Magic script or something so back to Your content strategy right Um how how often do you post Right so you want to be as consistent as Possible so I post three times a day so Every morning I do three times yeah so Every morning I do my thing you know I Go to the gym I just join like a Crossfit gym so I take care of myself First before the business because I Think that's really important so from There I get home you know I talk to my Wife and then from there I ended up Creating my three pieces of content for The whole day right sometimes I I I'm Really motivated and I create maybe four Or five And then I have leftovers for the next Day so that way the next day it's not Like I'm rushing to create the new one So that's how I basically base it and Then usually I space them out two to Three hours each video that I post Right and so when you when you create

These three uh pieces of content you Then post each one of them onto each Platform So I use the same video for I use tick Tock basically to create content on Tick Tock all right because I need to have people leave Tick Tock so I can actually have a conversation with With my leads right I I'm not a fan of Tick tock to be honest right so I just Use it just to create the content Because that's just how I started it's Like the best place to start if you're Gonna create content Tick Tock is the Best place to start because you can have One video go viral right and then after That you're gonna get so many followers But to actually have a conversation with Those people you need to get them out of There so I create on Tick Tock I post a Video and then from there there's an app Where I can download the video and then Remove the watermark and then I post Them on Instagram and then YouTube Shorts and then Facebook reels as well Do you optimize them for keywords as Well or is it just just naturally Posting and the algorithm does the rest Right so you you have to use hashtags so Hashtags are really important in some of Them and then you wanna you wanna Optimize it as much as possible right so You don't the description of the video Has to be something that makes sense

With the video right I either want to Create a different description of the Video that it doesn't really make sense With the video so it's very unique for Each time that I post but for the most Part the hashtags you want to use at Least three to five hashtags in each Video that you post Right right Okay wow this is crazy this is like a Proper system it's not just you know They you know when we think about social Media influencers we think somebody who Just leisurely Films like a selfie video out of their Bed or something and just goes or you Know on the other end of the spectrum It's somebody with a professional video Crew following them all day long because They're you know because they're famous Or something or if they're like a model Then it's just basically an Instagram Husband or an Instagram boyfriend but This this actually looks like a real Business Like this looks like uh even though You're not a big fan of tick tock you Kind of recognize how much traffic there Is to it so you found a way to siphon People off of tick tock to a messaging Platform where they engage you which for You what you're saying is it's uh it's Instagram and from there you point them To your website with an opt-in form

Which is where the magic happens so it All still leads back to getting people In your list Exactly everything goes back to the list Wow this is interesting so what about uh What about once they're on your list so What sort of um engagement are you Seeing there were kind of open rates are You seeing what sort of Engagement did Every sale Um you know that you did you make uh Come through the list or do you have to Do they go opt into your list and then Come back to your Instagram start Chatting to your assistant again and she Needs to close the sale on the spot like How would you say uh things pan out yeah So since I'm having an actual Conversation with every lead almost Every lead of course there's also There's also people that go straight to The link on my bio right so there's People that I don't have a conversation With them but they are action takers I Guess you can say so they go straight And they buy right but then there's a Lot of people that they do need the the Conversation to happen so a lot of them Actually buy through the conversations That I already talked to them through so For the most part if I'm already talking To somebody and I'm following my script And then I ended up giving the link if That person is gonna buy right away so

They're not really gonna be they are on My list but that person will probably Buy it right away Um right now I have about 20 to 30 open Rates on each email that I send out Right um I don't know if that's good or Bad to be honest but it's 22 yeah it's Not bad at all yeah And then from there Um I'm gonna say maybe 20 of those People buy through the emails that I Send out Right the rest go back to you and chat With you There is another before or after in the In the messaging area right so so how Many conversations at any given point Active conversations are happening Um for you and your team Let's put it this way if I do post a Video right and I haven't really touched It in a while You'll probably wake up to 100 requests Of people interested on what I put on The video so every day there's probably More than 100 requests going on on Instagram basically and then I don't Know maybe like 200 people every day That you go through the conversations And that's the thing though you can't Really spam them right or like have so Many conversations going at once because Then you end up getting flagged for spam So you have to just pace yourself and

The way I do it is whoever replies uh Before like for example somebody replied Yesterday and then it's today I have to Answer to the ones that reply yesterday First before the people that are Interested today so that's how I keep The rotation and I just keep it going From there Wow wow so how many days does a Conversation last like on average how Many days before you convert them The conversation could be fast it could Be the same day because literally my Script is like one two three four it's Maybe like four or five messages That's all that's all my whole script so It could be fast depending on how much Traffic the account has but if I'm Having a lot of those uh people Interested in what I'm trying to offer Then my the goal the goal is to at least Reply to With one messages for each person Depending on how much people there Actually are messaging wow okay I see I See so Um So you said that The call to action that you're making uh It's either go check out the link in my Bio which leads straight to your opt-in Website Or sometimes Like how often do you make the call to

Action of or message me or uh send me an Instagram message or something yeah so I I try to mix it up uh the cool thing About Instagram is that it tells you You're not analytics right so it tells You when you have in uh people engaged In your content So if for example that analytic goes Down where it goes negative right like People are not engaging with my content Then I change my call to action so my Call to actions usually are either link On my bio that way they can go check it Out and go straight to my my list Or I tell them to message me a keyword So I can just start my my script from There or if I do have that low Engagement on my videos I tell them to Leave a comment on the video And then when that happens I'm just Tricking the algorithm having people Just comment on my videos thinking okay This video is popping right this video Is getting so much engagement so let's Push it out to more people and then when That happens it's just a cycle of just Your videos keep doing well keep doing Well and then what I do when somebody Comments is first I send them a message Right and then from there I reply to the Comments saying hey by the way I message You so what I want to do basically is Send them as much notifications as I can So they can be like oh wow my my phone

Is blowing up this guy actually replied To me so I have like two or three Methods so I like the comment I reply to The comment and then I send a message so Now they're getting three notifications From me right so the most likely what's Gonna happen they're gonna reply to the Message Yeah that's smart that's really smart Um and and all this is systematized Which is the part that I love because I Hate to be a slave to um to any method Like I can always I know I can always go Back if things go really wrong for some Reason and I have to start over I can Always go back to the manual labor Approach where you know I would be at my Computer 24 7 and I know exactly how to Make the money but Um I'm I'm a big fan of automation Because it allows you to scale without Having to increase your workload which Is why I'm a big fan of list building Because you can increase your list size And each time you mail the list or each Time you run a campaign Um you're generating more revenue and Have a bigger impact just because the Size of your audience uh grows much much Bigger right yeah 100 I think the list Is the most important one to be honest Yeah I mean for you your audience is is Kind of spread I still think Instagram Is the most valuable asset for you but

You're smart to be building a list uh That's that's really really smart Um you know personally I think you're Under utilizing it mailing it only once A week but um that's a conversation for For a different time there's only one Last piece of the system that we haven't Discussed and that is um Um so what where you send them Um is it is it a lead magnet is it a vsl Is it a webinar like uh so you you got Them to message you On Instagram you you put them through The script and so where do you take them Where do you tell them to go Yeah so usually I have a free video that I give so basically it's like a training So that's that that can be my lead Magnet um so I teach them about the Business basically what I'm trying to Offer and then from there I basically That video is gonna tell them if that's Something that they actually want to do Right so if they end up liking it and Then thinking okay I might be able to do This then eventually those people come Convert into buyers so that's how I'm Making Um basically commissions out of it right And The reason why I say that the building The list is so important is because I Have had accounts being shut down before You know I had accounts with a hundred

Thousand followers being shut down and I Couldn't at all I could not basically Get it back so I emailed them and Nothing really happened right so when I Built the list right and the list is Always going to be mine right so it's Super important to just get those people Out of those platforms because you never Know when an account is going to be shut Down or not especially in my field where I mean that make money online type of Field right so yeah a lot of people Might report Um yeah a lot of people might report and Then I've gotten I've got into a Instagram accounts shut down completely Just because of that really wow it's how Do you recover from it I had to start From zero Yeah so I had to start from zero Especially on Instagram right but the Cool thing about it is that I did have The list I already built so I would just Send an email to my list and then most Of those people in my list will come to The new account and just follow me give Me engagement right away and then Eventually that account will blow up Blow out and once again right and then You just rinse and repeat you start the Process again Yeah so what was the so what was the Biggest account you you ever managed to Build how many followers and uh where

You where are you today with that Yeah so right now I have an account that Has a hundred thousand followers on Instagram so I I run actually three Instagrams accounts And they're all basically me right like I'm it's just my same content Um so I have multiple ones one has 58 000 followers one has a hundred thousand Followers and then another one I just Started at the third one and that one Has like 3 000 followers so I'm just Constantly like you know building Followers and basically getting as much Content as I can possibly out there so My goal is always just to focus on Traffic the more traffic I can get then The more I'll basically make money Yeah yeah absolutely and and do you uh Do you uh do any kind of uh ninja stuff To like you will only log into one of These accounts through a proxy Connection from the Netherlands and the Other one you know from the US and so Like do you get like another uh PC just So you can or phone specifically for That like what do you do No not at all actually I have three Accounts running from the same phone Yeah so I'm able to just switch from Account to account and the Instagram is The only one that I had never seen any Problem with it but if you do it on Tick Tock over you do it on Facebook you can

Really have multiple accounts running From the same phone because then you Start getting flagged I don't think so You start getting flagged and you start Getting you know low engagement and then Sometimes they suspend another account Thinking it's just like a like a scam Account or somebody trying to scam People right using your your image So Instagram is the only one of course They have different usernames right and Different email addresses But yeah I run everything basically from One phone Wow did you do you get your assistant a Phone as well to run them well yeah she Had a phone already because she's a VA Right so so yeah Like I'm trying to imagine if I were to Implement the system like I would Probably send her like an iPhone in the Mail or something so she can have like a Separate device Uh to manage the accounts you know yeah No actually uh she does it all I gave Her the logins and she just does it all Basically she logged in and so far Nothing is nothing's being wrong with it You know so I never I haven't gotten Flagged you know Instagram hasn't told Me anything so I mean we'll see right Everything is a learning experience Right more hiccups are gonna come in the In the long run

Yeah yeah yeah and you know one thing That I've always been worried about uh Different online methods but especially Social media is how uh very quickly over Time it becomes a game of diminishing Returns where you know uh say today you Put up three videos and generate five Thousand followers while a year from now You'll have to put out 30 videos to Generate that sort of impact like that's Something I've been seeing uh pretty Much all all over every area of my life You know where you know you start off And small effort brings in big outcome Or or huge Roi and then over time as the Strategies adapted as the marketplace Changes as you know and same thing by The way with uh like building muscle Right you go start it you know in the Gym it's really exciting start seeing Results right away but then over time You know you need to put in more effort Or different type of effort in order for The curve to continue to climb and You're you're never really generating These giant leaps as you used in the Beginning Right so you want to stay ahead of the Game a little bit right so for example When I was doing Tick Tock right Everybody was doing Tick Tock nobody Really did Instagram when I first Started doing my my promoting on Tick Tock like nobody really did Instagram

And then I saw the opportunity I was Like well nobody's really doing it in This platform right especially in my Niche right and so I started doing it And then what happened it blew up right So before you know it had so many people Coming how are you getting so much Traffic right and I just don't know I Just head over to Instagram right learn The platform you know start being Consistent there as well so it's not Just about Tick Tock but then from there You know more opportunities came up like Facebook reels right first it was Tick Tock then Instagram came with its own Short form content then it was YouTube Shorts that came out with the short form Content like Less than I mean videos and then from There it was Facebook reels so you Always want to stay on top of the hey What's up what's the on top of the game Like what's the newest thing out there Right so basically just trying it out It's like you have to be some kind of an Innovator right you don't you can't Really stay stuck in the same thing Right because once you stay comfortable In in an area then you're most likely Not gonna grow as much right or maybe You're gonna stay consistent but then How do you get to the next level Right so I want to feel uncomfortable Sometimes I wanna you know that's why I

Go on podcast right because I'm not Communication skills you know it's Something that I've been really Uncomfortable and you know also English Is not my first language either right So neither is See there you go so I just want to put More armor to my play basically that's What I'm trying to say No I get it man you you are trying to Stay ahead of the curve and it seems Like you're uh you're thinking outside The box uh that's for sure I don't think Anyone in any industry or field ever Gets ahead thinking just like everybody Else I mean um my my Approach at some Point I I switched it from uh just Trying to fit into trying to to to be Different yeah because it's really hard To stand out a painting lime green if Everyone else is painting lime green you Know like it's just not gonna happen you Have to do something else you know Remember there was a time when Facebook Ads where everybody would would have a Facebook ad image without a border or an Outline and then one guy figured it out And he put in a red outline around the Image all of a sudden you know you see Like his uh click-through rate is Through the roof and then you know all Of a sudden it becomes a method right All of a sudden they're teaching this oh The secret to Facebook ads is putting

That red outline around your image which Of course it wasn't uh but everybody Picks up on it everyone starts putting Red outlines over their images and well You know it's not really working so now The next thing is to put a green one Around there you always have to be uh Thinking uh differently well all right Andre so uh we're about to rip up Um obviously you got us elevating you Got us excited about uh organic and I'm Assuming it's something you are uh Teaching and talking about in your Content in your uh podcast and in other Projects you got going on so uh where Can we go and find out more about you Maybe working with follow you on social Media uh your website any projects You're working on right now Yeah so if you can find me on Facebook Um if you use type my name Android German Jeff you'll be able to find me And if you want to reach out to me you Can you know send me a message and we Can go from there Um but yeah my newest project is I do Have a podcast with one good friend of Mine that I met in the online space Affiliate marketing space Um so my podcast is basically about uh Sharing stories basically sharing Stories about business about marketing We believe that you have to evolve your Life so everybody goes through an

Evolution either if it's with your Personal experience with your business With your life and we basically just Come in there interview people and we Just share stories right we motivate People and we go from there so that's my Newest project that I'm super excited About and yeah I can't wait you know to Have more people in that show and Hopefully you know we get more more Listeners every week Yeah absolutely so um care to share the Name of the show the website of the show How can we find it on Spotify or any Other yes podcast platforms yeah so We're in a lot of in wearing all the Main podcast platforms Um that show is called evolved marketing Podcast So it's by Android Jeremy Jeff and my Partner Brian Brewer so and you can find It on the website as well Www.evolved marketing podcast All right there you go guys uh go and Check it out at Evolvedmarketingpodcast.com or look it Up on Spotify Google podcast Stitcher And all the other major platforms Henry Thank you so much for giving us this um Short form video content social media Masterclass I really appreciated you Kind of pulling back uh the covers You've got a great system going on man Um I really hope you keep succeeding

Keep uh scaling this thing and and Really just keep on exploding because This is a tremendous story I'm sure your Grandfather would be proud uh just Listening to this it's really inspiring And uh uh the best of luck to all your Projects and uh to the new podcast so uh There there you go uh guys thanks so Much for tuning in to the Lisbon Lifestyle until next time what you had Have a good one

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