A Counterintuitive Strategy for Optimizing Hyperlinks

Foreign So I use more than one hyperlink Especially if it's a longer email I'll Use quite a few Um I do believe you probably want to you Want to place a hyperlink somewhere Closer to the top of the email because a Lot of people who will open it will not Scroll down they'll just open it and They'll look at it and they'll close it So you want to you want to make sure you Have a link Like on the on the very first scroll Segment of the screen and this this way You will maximize your your uh Click-through rate however However it doesn't mean that if you mail Something and you only have one Hyperlink and it's somewhere in the Bottom of the email you will generate Fewer clicks that's also not true Um it would really depend on not only The the subject line and the content of Your email but also in the audience in The in the context of the email because I can probably generate more clicks Using one hyperlink In a really long email if I mailed it Towards the end of an email promotion to A segment of the list that been opening Has been opening the emails related to This promotion then I would if I were to Email like a short email with multiple

Links to a wider segment on my list And this is a big a big deal because Segmentation I think is an underrated Skill Um you know There's going to be let's say you've got 10 000 people in your list out of those 10 000 people this week if you keep Mailing them let's say you're going to Get three and a half four thousand People to open your email at least one Email in that week well out of those for A thousand let's say there's going to be 500 or 600 of them who click the link Well you see those particular 600 Are going to be very very hot So you can mail them more So you send them an email that breaks All the rules And you still get away with it and you Still generate high response rates lots Of sales yada yada so I experiment I Truly do to this day I would still play With it I would still like try maybe one At the very bottom because I want people To actually read it and really only Click if they really want something and Sometimes it's just a matter of getting As many clicks as possible for example Uh this upcoming week I've got a Campaign lined up where my goal would be To get as many clicks as I possibly can Okay I'm not going to tell you which is It you're probably going to end up

Seeing it somewhere my goal Will be plain and simple get them to Click it's not going to be get them to Buy get them to sign up or or get them Informed because I'm going to rely on What whatever the link is that I'm Sending people to to do the informing And everything else my goal would be Just get the damn click And that's like a very strategic goal For that particular campaign now on Something else my goal would be to Pre-qualify You know sometimes uh you know if I'm For example if I'm mailing about Something where I really want More exclusive Um I'm giving exclusive access And I'm giving some exclusive things or I'm or I'm I'm promoting a service That's uh where it's important to me to Really really truly truly understand who I'm dealing with like I'll be qualifying I'll be writing a long email with some Specific benefits that I know will Interest the right person but at the Same time that email will be saying Specific things that will scare away the Wrong people Right for example we've got another Joint venture mixer coming up later this Month and you know when I'm mailing for It It's it's a very very specific

Qualification you know first off I Curate the list of people who are going To get the email but then you know the Email will say something like hey if You've got a list And you know you're looking to run some Webinar promotions then this is for you Or if you want to do more deals For your offer then this is for you Right I'm not inviting people who don't Have an offer who don't have a list I'm Not inviting people who have a social Media following but no list but it's a Very specific Um invitation And in that case I'm not going to place The link at the very very top Yeah and I'm not gonna only have one I'm Gonna have several sure but they're Going to be qualifying people you know I'll be scaring them I'll be saying look You can only do this live if you can Show up live on such and such date and Such and such time I'm sorry but we're Not going to release the recording to You we're not going to allow you to get Into this later uh you're either showing Up live or don't show up at all like a Very Unapologetic if you want like if The unsubscribe happens is because they Decided they mentally checked out they Don't want to transact with you and That's okay You know not everyone is is is you know

Your type of person but for every Unsubscribe that you get you're going to Have like 10 fans people who chose not To people who said oh yeah that makes Sense and they stayed on your list Now as far as spam complaints yeah there Is uh you can offend some people and you Can hit the spam for sure so you might Want to like if you're choosing to Offend people Don't be toxic about it but you can Still do it in in a in a nice way where They say oh yeah I don't think what this Person is mailing is is for me

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