5X Your Views by Copying This Strategy!

You can 5x your views on YouTube by Copying this simple strategy and stay For the end to make sure that you do not Do this the wrong way no that's a joke You got to just press record influence Surfing would include celebrity guests In some cases though you don't even need To know the celebrity to tap into their Influence because you could have them in The thumbnail you commentate on them Legally by the way that's fair use it's Fair use a lot if you commentate in the Video on them you can use them in the Thumbnail just like a new station would Do should I talk about Kevin Hart I Could use them in the thumbnail yeah and And again you make a video like three Business lessons I learned from Kevin Hart wow my friend Evan Carmichael he Does these videos like Oprah's top 10 Rules to success yeah it's all these Different curated clips of Oprah he then It kind of hosts them yeah so why can't You do that so again you're trying to Grow the channel up you might say like Three Five tips from Kevin Hart on business Yeah and you'll you he's the hook You Intro it what are you putting up front That would make the video irresistible To watch to the end before we get into The next method I want to let you know About today's sponsor epidemic sound Epidemic sound has a huge library of

Music and sound effects that are really High quality and you can use these in Your YouTube videos and still monetize Them once you find a song that you Really like when you go to actually Download it you can download the full Song or if you want to you can also Download the different stems if you just Want the melody the instruments the bass Or the drums you can pick one and then Just download that specific stem if you Want to try epidemic sound for free for Your first month then go to Thinkmediasounds.com or check the link Down in the description what's Interesting is you know you mentioned Our event so so what I did was I plan Out a video and I I knew we had Gary Vaynerchuk coming to our conference Interesting I didn't even get him to Agree to come on to a podcast or Anything before but I know fair use law And this was probably better than him on A podcast so I I thought okay he's got All this content out there let me go Find everywhere he talked about YouTube And I came up with a video called Garyvee's seven rules of YouTube success Like Evan's never made a video like that But I'm inspired I like it's one of the Content formats one of those tools in Your tool belt so I was like okay so I Went found these videos did all the time Codes and then recorded myself on camera

And for me it was able to pass that off To an editor so I sent him like a Google Doc and I was like these are the clips And I name the rules like do this do This do this and it came up with seven I I narrated through and then you know It's like the hook it was like tip Number one tip number two and then I was Like hey by the way garyvee is speaking At our event you know growvideolive.com And then I'm adding value and then Promoting also our event mid video and Then I also promoted at the end and that Video did three four five x better than Our other videos reaching an audience With value and also promoting our event And of course having Gary speaking was Great yeah but again I was able to just Make that video on my own initiative of Course Gary's in the thumbnail the video Led to new subscribers they discovered Think media in the process it wasn't Even just about the event and that video Is still getting views to this day it's The only video about garyvee's top seven Rules of YouTube success wow even better When I tie it into my Niche wow if you Niche down because a lot of people might Be doing like Kevin Hart highlights of Comedy but that's not what you're after You're off today Jay-Z's top five rules Of success yeah and you're pulling his Entrepreneur stuff wow if you're pulling His business stuff and that's because

That's also the kind of people you want To attract you don't even actually want To go 10 million views viral you want to Get 555 000 views on his business tips Because you want to track business Owners serious people you want to Attract thinkers you know those things Entrepreneurs yeah yeah and so the kind Of videos you post end up leading to the Types of people you will attract and so Again if you were to do like I know Music on YouTube's kind of sketchy but If you were to do like best verses of Jay-Z you might get millions of views But it's just a bunch of random people So you do tie it into like Entrepreneurship and Jay-Z and then you And that would be a real that's that's Tying influence surfing with OPC other People's content you drop so much heat Bro thank you so much thank you

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