5 YouTube Growth Hacks to Explode Your Channel

This YouTuber has over three and a half Million subscribers today but before he Cracked the YouTube code he was stuck And simply just not growing and through That he learned these five things that Helped him grow his channel I'm in year Five and I got 2 000 subscribers when They see this the number one question They get asked is well how did you keep Going the answer for me was it's always About serving everybody in this room has Watched a video on YouTube and it Inspired them and inspired you to make Some kind of shift you guys had the Ability to be that person for somebody Else do default to assuming that if 40 People watched your video assume assume That for one out of those 40 people this Was the life-changing message that they Needed to hear and if you can remember That while you're in the filming process It changes everything tip number one we Need to be testing our old videos Updating the thumbnails and titles on Our old videos if you have any kind of Catalog of videos in your YouTube Account right now the single greatest Opportunity is to be split testing the Thumbnails and titles we're so focused On what's next and we don't do enough Testing of what has come this video was Done in 2016. we split tested it changed The thumbnail in 2020. now first off This video in 2020 was still getting me

100 views a day a four year old video We're still getting reviews a hundred Views a day no that's not insane but You're not getting that on either Platform right nobody cares about your Instagram your Tick Tock your Twitter Your Facebook your LinkedIn your Anything from a week ago let alone four Years ago so if you're trying to build a Brand that lasts YouTube has to be the game for you so This video was doing 100 views a day all We did was split test the thumbnail we Changed the thumbnail around and bang it Pops to up to 15 000 views a day on a Four-year-old video that I did nothing Else to change the thumbnail 15 000 Views a day At the time when they finish this case Study it added an extra 900 000 views to The channel just this one video by Updating the thumbnail people ask me What's a good click-through rate that's Not a great question to ask Let me show you why when you first Launch a video and it just goes out to Your hardcore subscribers right people Who love you do we expect a higher or Lower click-through rate Right higher If a video pops and blows up and it's Going people who've never heard of you Brand new people who are trying to bring Into our community with that video to

Strangers have a higher lower Click-through rate Right So the more your video is getting out to New people the lower your click-through Rate goes Because we're reaching new people The best video on your channel by views Should have among the lowest Click-through rates on your Channel My best video has I don't know 18 Million views probably has like a two Percent click-through rate That's not bad So what's a good click-through rate it Really depends on the Impressions that You're getting So if you're going to be doing analytics On your videos one of the most important Things to test to look at how do you Decide which thumbnails or which videos To test next Look at impression categories Now we've gotten so sophisticated in This that we developed our own tool to Do it this isn't something I'm selling Or is available but it's something that We use because we're just so obsessed With doing split tests if you look at This category for example this is one to Five million impressions So over the past 90 days these videos Got one to five million impressions Those are good to compare against each

Other and you can find this data in YouTube Studio as well just look at the Past 90 days Look at the Impressions and then see how Well the videos are doing So if we look at this category as an Example this video here has 1.7 million Impressions and a 2.3 click-through rate If I scroll down we see this one here This one's doing well Elon Musk talking About weed has a million impressions and Seven percent click-through rate similar Number of Impressions reaching the same Number of people but a vastly different Click-through rate these videos are Worth comparing to each other seven Percent versus 2.3 percent is a big Difference we need to go and fix these Videos so what's a good click-through Rate Go to your impressions look at the past 90 days see which videos have similar Number of Impressions and then the ones That have the lowest click-through rate That's what you want to test my Expertise is thought leadership Education so if you're in thought Leadership education this is exactly for You if suggested is not your number one Source of traffic your channel should be Three to five times bigger Think about how people find the video They'll come in they might search for Something cool you can Rank and search

But then people don't go back to the Search page They go see all the other videos that Are down the side or at the bottom in Suggested So the ranking goal becomes not to rank In search but to rank and suggested So if search your browser your number One traffic source and you're an Education thought leadership your Channel should be three to five times Bigger just by focusing on suggested any Easy way to do that is to split test Your thumbnails and titles These are videos right now that YouTube Is trying to promote on my channel but People are not clicking so I'm losing I need to fix that so if you have any Kind of archive content you don't have To be doing 100 split test today that's Crazy Nobody Does it But look at your old videos Even ones that are performing A lot of people are afraid of split Testing their top 20 videos I did it Works If the title or thumbnail underperforms The video will end up going back to Where it was and if you get a higher Click-through rate on your thumbnail Title and ends up crashing It's scary when you've got a video with Millions of views you don't want to

Touch it I'm not telling you to touch it But it worked for me So that's a huge opportunity okay so Number one we're gonna split test look At all of our videos and update our Thumbnails and titles number two seventy Percent audience retention at one minute If you can hit 70 at one minute people Will watch the rest of it they'll stick With you people have a short attention Span yes for the first minute if you Hook them you'll keep watching most People in my category thought leadership Entrepreneurship education they'll start A videos like hey guys welcome back it's Me Evan wow happy with the history Wednesday Thursday I don't even know Tuesday welcome back to my channel like Welcome back who are you Like you want to be targeting people who Don't know who you are yet right so when You say welcome back I don't know who You're talking to You have to lead with a hook you lead With a powerful opinion make me want to Watch past the 70 Mark and this is where You can make objective decisions as Opposed to subjective ones right when People say man I don't know I have a Great intro it's fire I've got energy Like okay cool let's pull up your graph Like that sucks Right where are we at one minute here

You know I don't know 30 percent It doesn't mean you suck like doesn't Mean you suck this is where we struggle Like it's not performing we didn't do a Good job therefore we internalize it Like we suck no you don't suck you're Awesome that you even tried but it sucks Like objectively this video sucks It should be redone right now you can't Go back and edit this one but for future Ones when you're going to try something You pay attention to that first minute If you can hold them for the first Minute they'll you have to really screw Up to lose them afterwards So it's usually that first minute where People are really really really really Struggling So this is where You get a couple days data in Go back look at the video and see how That first minute did And try something and document it's like Okay this time I'm going to try X This time I'm going to try something new This time I'm going to try you know Dancing I don't say just I'm going to Try a powerful opinion this time I'm Going to try to leave with a question This I'm going to try leading with an Opinion I've got this I'm going to try Right you tried everything I'm gonna try My car I'm gonna try outside and then You see if it works

This gives you the data to make better Decisions Obsess over this like there's so much Data in YouTube analytics that you can You can get lost it's it's a amazing Tool that I could spend weeks in and I Love it but for most of you you don't Have to worry about that but you have to Obsess over this the audience retention Curve aim for 70 at one minute it will Change your entire Channel hey if you're Loving this type of content we have 21 More free video marketing and content Creation tips from some of the top Entrepreneurs and content creators in The business and you can get all of that For free by heading over to 21videotips.com okay back into the video Number three this is where we might blow A couple mines or get a little Controversial I want you to make longer videos inside Of thought leadership education at least Make longer videos at least try it think About the problem that you're trying to Solve for people if you're actually Helping people when they're struggling To learn something Where are they going to go I met a Doctor here a neurologist someone who's In the room was a neurologist here who Was making there he is making videos Help people with epilepsy Right so we stopped me in the hallway

Talking about epilepsy I say cool what's Your what's your best video of all time On the channel it's like pause this Video where I talk about medication a Certain kind of medication for epilepsy Awesome how long is that video four Minutes long Cool you gotta go longer If somebody walked in like think about It if somebody walked in and I asked him Somebody walked into his office and they Were concerned about if I walk in my mom Has epilepsy my sister has epilepsy I'm I'm struggling right like what do I do I Walk into his office and ask him about What I should do how about this Medication like are you only going to Talk for four minutes about that Life-changing medication he's like no I'm going to answer the questions I'm Going to be there I'm going to help cool Do that for your rides Make a longer video if somebody cares About Epilepsy and that drug Where are they going to go to get the Information The library Right like where are they going to go They're going to YouTube when they're Finding people like him experts You're actually cheating people out of The opportunity to learn So go longer

If you want to win and suggested Go longer YouTube is promoting long Videos I used to recommend to them how long how Long should it be I used to recommend 10 Minutes plus that was always like Default 10 minutes plus 10 minutes plus We're seeing the highest growth category In the one to three hour category One to three hours If you have something to say Right if he's gonna talk about epilepsy And just go in circles and ramble and Repeat himself 80 times don't do that But assume when you actually know what You're talking about Go longer Suggested videos will make you more Money will convert better to subscribers We'll have an average watch sentence way Higher will convert better to people Signing up for your products and Services if you compare it to a short And I'm not anti-short just if you had a Choice you go along Because somebody watching a 40 second Video of you versus somebody spending an Hour with you is a completely different Relationship Now you may not be able to make Hour-long videos cool don't stress but Don't feel like you have to cut yourself Short if you have podcasts go longer how Did Rogan blow up three hour podcasts

Go longer if you can This Eddie this guy is Eddie Panero your World within I don't know if anybody Knows Eddie or his father we got some Eddie fans cool so Eddie's been a friend For a while I spoke at his event and his Biggest videos were these really he does Motivational videos Where he'll speak to he'll he'll he'll Yell into the microphone and like get You all hyped up his best feed is worth Three minutes long like that video this Video here on the side the number one Video is a three minute video and it's What six years old okay 2.3 million Views six years old said Eddie Go longer I want to see a one hour video Evan you don't understand I make these Short clips short motivational videos Nobody's gonna sit there and watch a one Hour video you don't understand my Audience cool Try one hour video And he posted it and he's got two up on Here now all of his recent stuff is all Is all long look at this one here so Here uh no this one here rise best Motivational video compilation nine Months ago 1.5 million views Three hours long people will watch and YouTube loves recommending videos that People are watching it right they love The long form step if we look at these

Two videos right 1.5 million views and 1.6 million views these two back to back A three hour video versus a four minute Video This was nine months ago this took six Years to get to 1.6 million views so About the same number of views if you Want to talk about making money on a Video the difference between a three Hour video 1.5 million views and a four Minute video 1.6 million views is Dramatically different This changed his life people hiring him To speak people hiring him to coach if You spend three hours with somebody They're much more likely to want to work With you than a quick little clip so It's not it may not be possible for Everybody But I would at least try it And so my challenge to the good doctor Was how often are you making videos he's Like once a week cool Four five six minutes long cool Keep doing that for June keep doing that And find a way to make four one hour Videos on a topic that you care a lot About too and just test it And it would shock me if those videos Were not your best performing videos not Out of the gate Because they're playing for suggested That's the game 30 60 90 120 days out Those would be the best videos for your

Channel the most watch time the most Subscribers gain the most newsletter Signups most customers asking for you The most revenue from AdSense all of it If you're capable if you're an expert if You've got ideas in here that can change People's lives do not cut yourself short Long videos Crush number four I want to Show you quickly how to find good topics For videos because our game is suggested Not searched right this is how you do it You type in a topic that you would care About so um the same domain here is is In the audience and he's a confidence Coach So I typed in here how to be confident So you think about the title that you Would come up with how to be confident And you can make a video on that right Zane cool We're not going to call it that though That's not a good title The game is not ranking for how to be Confident the game the game is to rank After other videos that people are Already watching on confidence So what we want to do so SEO still Matters but it's SEO against other People's videos so I'm searching to find What are the videos that are popping up And doing well so the first one is an ad The second one is from Chrisman command You guys know that channel Charlie you Guys fans I love Charlie so this video

Here how to radiate confidence under Pressure Zane could you make that video That's what you should make I want Zen To make a video called how to radiate Confidence Under Pressure you just have To watch his video but I wanted to make That video as a title because I want Zane's video to show up after Charlie's Video So do this for your own title whatever You're thinking about I don't want Zayn To make a video called how to be Confident I want saying to make a video It says how to radiate confidence Under Pressure a little bonus hack on this is Then you go to their Channel So if I go to Charlie's Channel And then I click videos and then I sort By most popular we can see Charlie's got Five million Subs 5.3 anything that has More than 5.3 million views on his video Was helping him grow his channel Anything less is still a decent video But most videos will underperform their Sub count Most videos will get fewer views than Subscribers so any video on any channel That has more views than subscribers is Really helping grow that channel So the next challenge for Zhang would be What other videos has this guy made that He might be able to make a similar one To the title I don't care about the

Content I want to rank after his video And then is Zane's message So if we look down here you know five Common habits that make people instantly Dislike you you know maybe maybe that's Confidence maybe not you know how to Avoid embarrassing yourself in an Argument maybe maybe that's it maybe It's not you go down here this is the One we talked about this one here how to Turn awkwardness into confidence saying Could you do that that's a video right This video got 9.7 million views and He's got five million Subs that chant That video is helping Charlie's Channel Blow up Zayn should make his version of It now we started with how to have Confidence how to find confidence Whatever our initial thought was this is Giving us a better way to make better Topics you still have to be engaging ask Great questions have a powerful opinion You know the format 70 honest retention In one minute even on a three hour video Seventy percent of uninstation one Minute is still the goal because they Will sit there and watch This is a better way to hack your way to Getting great topics for your video And this is one example I can keep going Through Charlie I can keep going through Other channels I can keep looking at Different Search terms right the game Becomes how do I rank after other

People's video with a better video One Last tip Sean has talked about sharing Your videos right newsletters emails Etc Anytime you're going to be sharing a Video this is what I want you to do go To your uploads playlist on your home Page this is Sean's main channel right This is the think Channel you guys on You guys love the think media YouTube Channel let's go you're gonna go down to The uploads playlist click play all okay We're gonna click on this at the top Here it says Ampersand list equals this Giant thing your channel will have its Own code we're going to copy that when You have a video and lots of people Might watch it we're going to put it in Our newsletter list we're gonna put it On our website we're going to put it in Our email signature we're going to share It in our social media bio right any Time that many people might see this Video we're gonna pick a video how to Make YouTube thumbnails cool Sean's Gonna do a campaign in front of this Video normally what we would do is copy This link and put it out right we're not Going to do that we're going to go to The end and we're going to paste in the Thing that I just copied paste okay Here's what's going to happen it's going To load the video just like we promised But it puts it inside the entire uploads Of Sean's channel so down the side here

If you can see it yeah it says 1250 Videos so what's gonna happen is they'll Watch this video and now we're Controlling where they go next so if I Click if I we go to the end of this Video It's going into the short and after the Shorter go to the next one and I'll go To the next one and go to the next one So we're controlling automatically what Happens next here's the crazy thing some People keep this open all day long in Their tap like they play the video and Then forget about it and go eat lunch Or open up like have you ever have done That your videos open in the tab and you Go do something else they come back and All of a sudden they've watched eight Hours of think media videos So guess what they're going to get Recommended a lot more think midi videos And even bigger than that is other People who are like them will also get Recommended more think media videos it Took me a long time to get comfortable In front of the camera guys just keep Going And remember that you've got something Inside you that you want to share you Want to serve and you are making a Difference in people's lives please keep Going

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