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You’re currently looking at and Listening to a 100 YouTube Studio setup So if you got a Benjamin let’s get it You got to just press record hey what’s Up it’s so much Corey with think media Now this setup looks and sounds good Really because it prioritizes the two Things that a lot of new creators don’t Prioritize and that is audio and Lighting you can actually buy back some Video quality because those two elements Essentially make your videos look and Sound better right so the first thing I Wanted to break down is the Mount dog Softbox light kit this is a full-on Light kit that gets you everything you Need for about fifty dollars and we’ll Be sure to post links down to everything In the description below but you’re Gonna get your light stand you’re gonna Get a soft box you’re gonna get the bulb You need and you’re gonna get a wireless Remote that allows you to turn off and On the light you can change the Temperature of the light the brightness Of the light and so many things that you Can do I think this is one of the best Deals when it comes to lighting because Regardless of what camera you’re using It’ll make it look good and the reason Is is because you’re getting a large Soft light that’s the goal the goal is To get a large soft light also sell a Two pack if you want to save when you

Buy two you can do that as well but this Light is an incredible light getting you Everything you need and for this setup It’s also your tripod let me explain I Really wanted to build a super minimal Setup that you can use with your Smartphone and having an extra stand Just for your smartphone might be a Little extra so I found this friction Arm that literally you can use to Replace a tripod altogether so what it Comes with is it comes with a clamp that You could clamp onto the light kit has The friction arm itself and then it has A smartphone clamp so that you can hold Up your phone so now I don’t have Multiple stands and if I want to switch Up my shot I can easily do so by just Picking up the light which is super Sweet this friction arm comes in at Around 25 and I absolutely love this Thing because of its versatility but a Super dope solution to hold up your Smartphone now before I talk about this Wireless mic that literally still fits Inside of the budget of a hundred Dollars I want to talk about this book Right here because this book can Literally turn this studio into a money Making machine you could spend 100 on a Studio like Put in the principles that you can learn In YouTube Secrets which is a book that Sean candle the CEO of think media wrote

To help creators really understand the Game of YouTube and the reality is is The game really isn’t the production Side of things it’s the content side of Things it’s when you understand the type Of content you need to create on YouTube That can reach the people you’re trying To reach and then turn that reach or Influence into a business so be sure to Check out YouTube Secrets post a link to It down in the description below but This mic that I’m using is a non-name Branded mic but usually you could pick This up for around thirty dollars Sometimes less and it’s a wireless mic That plugs directly into your smartphone They have it for apple and they also Have it for Android but it gives a great Audio solution and actually allows me to Be further away from my camera and still Pick up a really good audio you can clip This on your shirt I just like holding It I think it’s fun it’s like tiny mic You know gen Z holding tiny mics in Their videos No am I wrong okay but it’s super dope And affordable audio solution and Honestly this setup altogether works Great for not only YouTube videos but Also social media now the key is to make This look as best as possible you want To use the rear-facing camera of your Smartphone because usually that’s the Most Superior camera that your

Smartphone has and it’ll give you the Best quality possible especially if you Make sure that you’re shooting in 4k now Maybe you’re asking the question Omar if I’m using the rear-facing camera how do I actually see myself well there’s Actually this monitor that you could buy It’s literally around 25 and I break it Down in this video and you could click Or tap the screen if you want to check Out that monitor that literally has a Mirror so that you can see yourself Filming like I am right now so click or Tap the screen and check out that video And I can’t wait to see you in the next One peace

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