5 Simple Strategies To Reduce No Shows For Sales Calls S1E67

[Music] Foreign Is the king of high ticket sales and he Is a masterful entrepreneur that's what I love about Dan no BS Dan was an Exceptional leader teacher business Mentor and friend Dan's a force in Nature 12 million dollars in my pocket is what I believe I would have above and beyond What I made in the last 10 years alone Had I found Dan luck sooner I was working with an expert and he has A webinar sequence basically after People watch his webinar they would book A call with his sales team in he was Struggling getting people to show up for The call basically he's only got 50 of The people showing up and 50 no show so That's costing him a lot of money Basically a kind of like a leaky bucket So he came to me and said hey Dan you Know what can I do to reduce no shows so I gave him five strategies to reduce his No-show and which is the same five Strategies that I'll be teaching you Today now their took his no show from 50 No show to only 20 no show by Implementing these five simple steps and We're still tweaking it there are still A lot of things that he could do now Number one understand this that even After your prospect goes through your Webinar or some kind of video sales

Letter they hit your booking page your Job is not done unless they book a call With you or your team you will not be Able able to help them so that's a leaky Bucket a lot of coaches consultants and Experts have so getting them to watch Your video getting them to watch your Webinar that's one thing by getting them To book and actually showing up that's Completely different so strategy number One after they watch a video or webinar Instead of just having a booking page Like account only or some sort of Booking page you want to put them Through what I call a questionnaire or Some kind of survey or some kind of Assessment why because you get them Involved not just booking a call but They just enter a little bit more Information before they hit the booking Page this simple strategy you will see That would reduce your no-show so put an Assessment on application before they Actually book a time with you or your Team number two don't give them too many Options when you are letting them to Book a time with your team don't give Them 10 choices a day and then 30 days In advance they are confused instead of Doing that what I would recommend is Give them no more than one week in Advance right so no more than seven days Sometimes no more than three days just a Few options per day a confused mine

Always says no so give them few options In terms of time slots and date to Choose from you'll see that you'll be Getting more people booking an Appointment with you or your team number Three on the confirmation page you Create a simple video kind of like this You have to sell them on the call not The outcome just simply focusing on Selling the call the appointment why is It important for them to book right and Then after they book a call on the Confirmation page you also have another Video with testimonials case studies or Videos and things like that so you're Selling them on the call after the book You're then selling them again why they Should actually follow through and be on The call don't underestimate people are Busy just because they book a call Doesn't I mean they're going to be there So make sure on the thank you page don't Waste that valuable real estate have Veto testimonials have case studies There so people could see okay you've Gotten a lot of results for a lot of People maybe I'll be on the call so That's strategy number three strategy Number four very simple I use HubSpot You could use any software it could be Commonly right and that is to send them Text and email reminders Right people are forgetful people are Busy just just doing simple things like

That you will see that you have more People showing up for the appointment Strategy number five and we've used this Very successfully in our business and That is to ask for a confirmation for The actual appointment so we'll send Them an email a couple of days before The actual appointment to say hey can You reply to this email to confirm your Appointment with us if they don't reply Chances are they won't show so that's Another thing that you can do so the Process is actually pretty simple you Got to sell them why they should book a Call don't assume they know they don't Know and then you got to sell them why They should actually follow through and Be on the call and block all the time And then you gotta hit them with Reminders text and email and then also Get them to reply and confirm that Appointment if you do these things Compared to most experts and coaching Consultants they do very very little They do very little you have to get them On the call and once you get them on the Call if you watch my other videos you've Done my training you know that how to Close those High ticket sales once you Get them on the phone game over I know You'll be able to close them but it's Getting that person on the call that's The most important thing until then go High ticket

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